Monday, May 13, 2013

Finally Warmer

Warm weather has arrived at Garden on Sherlock Street.  After an ultra busy weekend with family and friends, I snagged some time this afternoon to get into the garden.  I planted the remaining vegetable seeds I had planned and some annual flower seeds I had saved from last year.

I took photos for the May tour.  Look for those tomorrow.

Everything is growing like crazy!  Hoping to get a chance to pull some weeds soon.

Very few trees and shrubs bloomed this spring because of the constant freezes.  My lilacs have only a few blooms on each branch.  The red buds were just starting to bloom when they got iced.  The forsythia were pretty sparse and I think the bridal wreath spirea didn't even get to pretend it was going to bloom.  Everything else is later than normal, but starting to make buds.  Anxious for irises any day.

We have a bunny building a nest near our composting place.  We had to chase it away from digging a nest in the middle of the front lawn.  Silly rabbit!  This is a better place.  Maybe bunny photos in the future.

I'm in need of a serious greenhouse visit soon!!!!!
All of the containers are empty still.  

Happy gardening.


  1. Funny thing, I have not seen the first rabbit here in Rabbittown! So happy you had nice weather for working in the yard. Can't wait to see your iris photos.

  2. Yay for warmer! Hopefully the warming trend continues. Bunny photos, did you say bunny photos, oh yes please! love the bunnies

  3. I'm so glad you're finally supposed to warm up. Please pass on some extra warmth if you have any!
    We had SNOW all weekend. Last nights temps hit 22. We lost a LOT of tulips and my gorgeous Dicentra, that was in full bloom. Not sure if it affected the apple trees or not. I wish Ma Nature would make up her mind!
    Have a fun week--hope you get in a visit to the garden center.

  4. It WAS warm here for a bit....but has been chilly again. Fortunately our lilacs & viburnum bushes bloomed & the flowering cherry as well. I look forward to your May tour. It's always interesting to see the "big picture" :)

  5. I'm so glad you are having warmer weather! Sunday night it got down to 36 degrees odd! I found what I think was the beginning of a bunny nest a couple of weeks ago in the front garden. There was nothing in it and I covered it back up. A greenhouse visit sounds great to me!!

  6. Sorry your spring hasn't been as lovely as some in the past, and hopefully the end of your frosty days are over and things will fill out, grow and burst into bloom.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  7. Glad to hear it is starting to warm up. This has been one long and cold winter/spring. Our temps here on the Gulf Coast have been much lower than normal. Hope you have a great day gardening.

  8. You are right.. Things are really growing around here also. We were gone all last week to the beach --so the yard decided to grow and grow... AND--the weeds are trying to take over!!!! ha ha.. We're busy this week as you can imagine.

    Glad you are getting some spring. We've had a couple of cold days here this week--but hopefully our Blackberry Winter is over now and we will stay warm.


  9. Sounds like you got a LOT done!!


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