Monday, May 20, 2013

Front Garden Containers

Just a few containers for the front garden this year.

purple fountain grass
purple sweet potato vine and white wave petunia
purple fountain grass
 This is replacing the flower tower.  The purple hyacinth bean vine seeds are the ones I soaked last week.  I planted them on Friday.  Hopefully, the vines will climb the bamboo stakes.

white wave petunia and purple hyacinth bean vine seeds


  1. Isn't it nice to get things planted! I can't wait to see your hyacinth bean -- perhaps I should grow one up my garden pyramids. Did you get any bad weather last night or did it all go south. We were under a tornado watch until the wee hours of the morning and I think we had thunderstorms (but no wind or hail) all night.

    1. Just a little rain for us last night. Hate hearing some places had destruction.

  2. Your containers are going to look lovely! Because of so many late frosts this year, I had to replace my containers several times! What a pain!

  3. I live watching containers fill out! Yours will look womderful this summer.

  4. The container plants will be great... Can't wait to see them as they 'grow up'....

    I have a Gerber Daisy (gift from son) and 2 Begonias --to hang out in the front. I have one hosta in a container --and a couple of other Begonias for the deck...


  5. I always enjoy watching the progress and hopefully your containers will do beautifully.

  6. You have all fast growers. Smart planting....I have yet to plant the pots, and am not sure with all the planned travel if it is even wise. Maybe they should be succulents! Of course, then the husband would decide to water my plants!


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