Monday, May 27, 2013


As the month of May comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on the garden...

While we are still in a drought, as we are very behind our normal rainfall amount, we have received some nice moisture this spring.  The garden is getting greener everyday as more and more plants emerge.

I have lost some plants:  candytuft, creeping thyme, two hardy geraniums, creeping basket of gold, chocolate flower, some arbovitae, the dwarf Alberta spruces and maybe my hibiscus (it always arrives late so there is still hope.)  Wondering about my sumac.  Although, it was sprouting, I swear.  Maybe one of our late freezes threw it off.  There are a few green sprigs.

The late spring freezes robbed us of the flowers on many trees and shrubs.  Sigh.  However, the bachelor buttons and dame's rocket are making up for the lost blooms with an amazing show right now.  The daisies are starting to shine too.

Feeling like the garden is planted for the season.  The late freezes pushed all spring garden activities later and later; but as May ends, the vegetables are in, the containers are planted and positioned and the few new ornamentals I purchased (I said I wasn't going to get anything new I know) are nestled in.   I did choose drought tolerant plants--hardy ice plant and purple prairie clover).

Mulching is going pretty well.  I think the drought kept the mulch we put down last year from breaking down very much.  I only need to really mulch around new plantings, where I pulled or cut out dead plants and in a few windswept areas.

I am devising a watering plan in case summer goes like last year and our city limits our watering further or curtails outside watering all together like many communities around us have.  Our city council has already voted to ban fireworks this year.  My watering plan (if necessary) involves praying for rain, choreographing a rain dance, saving every bit of rainwater I can and collecting bath water and water we run simply to get the water hot to the faucet.  There is also a priority list which means some plants will have to join in the rain dance if they want any water.  Anything that can be a house plant will come back inside.  Hopefully, I won't need to do all of that.

Some tidbits of observation in no particular order...
My milkweed all came up in the last week.
The usually boring alley is currently filled with flowers!

We have attracted more bird species than ever before.
We have a few squirrels who do acrobatics from the trees to the bird feeders.
Skinks are being seen.
Every time I dig under the mulch in the established beds, I find great soil.  All that decomposing plant material has paid off.
We have a very cute bunny.
The lily of the valley which went crunchy last summer came up and bloomed a little!
Our established trees must have grown as they're giving us more shade.  Yea!
I repaired the soaker hose that I accidentally stuck the garden fork through this week.  :-p
We're about to have an explosion of larkspur.

At this time of year, my wonderful husband and I also celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Our love grows every day.  I'm going to take a little gardening break while we spend this week together amazed that it has been 20 years.

Be well and happy gardening!

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  1. A very Happy Anniversary. It's so wonderful to see other couples enjoying just being together.
    Have a great week!

    And OMG--your alley is GORGEOUS.
    Still NO planting here. We've been in the upper 20's at night all week. Sigh.

  2. Happy anniversary ♥

    I'm sad to hear of your losses & smiled to read your emergency watering plans!

    It's turned quite chilly here and today today we're enjoying a soft gentle rain - farmers have their fields it and will be rejoicing for the timing of this rainfall!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed this post and your pictures. I am praying you will receive more rain this summer.

  4. Good Morning to you, Congratulations on your 20th Wedding Anniversary, have a wonderful time together.
    I thought I would mention, as it might help with the drought situation. When I lived on the Island of Cyprus, water was a really precious commodity and we had water cut-off 6 hours during the day. To water the garden, I used collect our show water. We had a large square bowl which we placed inside the shower, it did not catch all our water when we showered, but it did manage to collect a lot. This made a huge difference between plants living and plants dying.
    Best Wishes to you both,

  5. Happy 20th Anniversary and may your love continue to grow with each passing day. Have a wonderful week together celebrating.

    I sure hope you get some relief to your drought conditions. We were in a severe drought for several years, hopefully that has ended as we've been getting rain and more rain since last year.

    Love and hugs to you and your DH ~ FlowerLady

  6. Happy Anniversary to you.. Hope you have a wonderful week with that special man in your life.

    Amazing how the weather determines what flowers we have each year. BUT--when one doesn't bloom, another one will make up for that loss.


  7. A lot of good things to read. I really like that iris in the tip photo. I think they are a special flower.

  8. Hi...first, happy anniversary!! I hope it doesn't come to this, but if you have to do the rain dance, I hope you video it....I'd love to see it... :-P

  9. Hope you enjoy your anniversary!! Seems like your garden is really taking off for the summer!! Yay!!

  10. Great post, beautiful photos, gardens are magic places:) Greetings

  11. Stopping by to see what's happening on Sherlock Street. I think everyone is either behind or suffered a setback because of the weather. I'm just getting my veggies in. We've had frost up to now. A few of my plants were hit on the deck. Most of them seem to be recovering. I did lose a few. Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary. Enjoy your week-end.

  12. We've gone from 40 degrees to 95 this week and my plants are a bit freaked out, too. At least the one benefit to all your wacky weather has been the increase in rain. Hopefully, you'll get more this summer to ease your drought. Happy Anniversary!


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