Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rare Pink Bachelor Button

One flower that performs well every year at Garden on Sherlock Street is the bachelor button.

I have to pull them out of places like the cracks in the sidewalks and the middle of mulch paths.
Sometimes, I have to pull them out so other plants can grow.

The swaths of blue bachelor buttons are really showing off right now.

If you look closely, you may find a rare pink bachelor button.

I like how it has two shades of pink.

So far this year, I've counted two pink bachelor buttons.


  1. I'm thinking, unless it's a different plant, that the bachelor buttons we see in Florida are typically pink. Blue seems like a new one to me, and I love it! It's gorgeous! Lucky you to have so many!



    1. I guess the rarer one is the special one which ever way it goes!

  2. Good Evening to you, Aahh, you call your plant Bachelor button and we call ours Cornflowers. I bought a packet of seeds yesterday to sprinkle amongst my foxgloves as they are such a pretty plant. I love the fact that they self seed everywhere, as it makes for a less formal and more natural garden.
    I love your pretty pink Cornflower, it certainly stands out against the blue.
    I cannot do any gardening today as we have torrential rain...... will the warm weather ever arrive??
    Best Wishes

    1. I've heard them called cornflowers too but my mom always called them bachelor buttons so I guess I do as well. Hope you get better weather soon!

  3. What a blessing to have an over abundance of bachelor buttons and these two rare pink ones too.

    Enjoy your lovely gardens and have a great weekend.


  4. That's neat how they pop up so rarely in between all those blue ones.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. I love the blue but it is always special to find a pretty pink one!

  6. I don't think I've seen a pink bachelor button before. The two shades of pink are pretty. I hope tonight's bad weather passes you by.

  7. It really stands out doesn't it? Very pretty!

  8. soon as I read your post I raced out to look at my bachelor buttons. I have lots of pink, blue and other colors blooming....maybe I just got lucky!!

  9. I love that patch of blue blooms. Pink would be rare here too where ours are all blue. Have a lovely week.


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