Sunday, June 16, 2013

All Things Edible

The vegetable beds are looking good at Garden on Sherlock Street.

As you can see, we are picking peas!

Also enjoying lettuce and radishes.  The strawberries have finished for the year.

We got a nice rain last night and are set to hopefully get some again tonight.  Everything is growing well.

Tomatoes are setting.  Peppers are forming.  Carrots are growing bigger everyday.

Despite being concerned about the onion sets I planted, they came up well and are growing.

We're hunting squash bugs as the many squash plants grow.  No squash blooms yet.

The cantaloupe is still small.  The watermelon looks nice.  Also found a volunteer watermelon near the teepee trellises.  I left some fading bachelor button plants up near the pumpkin to give it a little windbreak as it gets established.

Asparagus was planted just last year.  So, we held off harvesting any this spring.  The stalks have bloomed and sure look healthy.  Hopefully, asparagus next year.

I'm hoping the cucumbers will perk up a bit with the recent rains.  Kohlrabi are slowing increasing in size.

I cut the scapes off the garlic last week.

The basil is still small, but looking healthy.  Found a volunteer tomato plant in the basil.  Not sure how that is going to work out.

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  1. Sounds like you have quite a bit growing. It's hard to hold off on the asparagus that first year, but you'll be glad you did.

    I spent yesterday plucking blossums off my strawberries....I just planted them this year and want to make sure they make good roots, not berries. Thankfully, I have LOTS of other berries to look forward to.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Your edibles sound wonderful and your fresh picked peas look yummy.


  3. You are way ahead of us on the vegetable front. Things are still growing, but nothing anywhere near enough ready to eat yet. The Basil is 18 inches high though. The peas look good.

  4. Everything sounds like it will be yummy! You had volunteer tomato in your basil, I found volunteer basil plants in my tomatoes! They are growing better than the ones I started from seed, so I left them alone.

  5. I picked one tomatoberry last week. .I also cut the scapes on my garlic yesterday! I was so glad I noticed! We are just now finishing up the garlic that I harvested last fall, thanks to you!! I'm not sure this harvest will be as good. .the garlic was looking pretty little(most of them) so we will see! The rains have been delicious!

  6. Lovely! I'm a month or more behind you, Now the caterpillars have defoliated the trees they're starting to eat the kale :(

  7. I picked a few cayenne peppers yesterday. Still waiting on everything else.

  8. Your post and photo make me hungry! Sounds like it is a good year.

  9. Your vegetable garden sounds like it is well established already and getting set to keep you in generous plenty for the summer and fall. My potatoes have been stripped of leaves by grasshoppers in the last few days. My tomatoes are going well, although I don't know if any have set yet. I still need to plant squash and cucumbers - I'm hoping to avoid the squash bugs by planting late.

  10. Last year a volunteer tomato popped up between the cracks of my patio and took over part of my container garden. But it grew the sweetest grape tomatoes so we let it stay. If you transplant the volunteer, you might end up with tomatoes!


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