Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bunny Nest Location 3

Earlier this spring, we chased a bunny off the front lawn who was making a nest.
First of all, we don't need a hole in the front lawn.
Secondly, a previous bunny nest in the front lawn had disastrous results for one of the young bunnies because we didn't know it was there when mowing.

We thought the bunny was making a nest in our wild area amoung the sunflowers and bachelor buttons.
We thought that was a great place for it.
Then, it seemed the nest building was abandoned.

Now, the bunny (yes, we believe it is the same one) is building a nest in the vegetable garden between two tomato cages.

Just behind the onions.

We're going to see how this works out.


  1. Good luck!!!! Oh that must have been heart wrenching! When I mowed back in the day, I always tried my best to survey the area, but if the grass was too long, one wouldn't know. Hope it works out:)

  2. A gardener that is nice to bunnies.....hmmmmmm.
    They are adorable when little, but oh, the damage that they do......

  3. We don't have bunnies in our garden and for that I'm thankful. I'll enjoy seeing the progress of your bunny and it's nest!

  4. This makes me smile! Hope it works out for all! We have a nest in our garden too. I haven't been able to find it, but our kitty, Anna, knows exactly where it is. =(

  5. Cute Cute Cute! Watching the process will be so fun. Hope no cats around though as they can be deadly to baby bunnies. Sorry about the mower. It hurts when that happens.

  6. You are too kind for your resident rabbit. I'm afraid I'm not quite so tolerant especially when they make my back yard garden their buffet. So far this year the clover in my backyard grass has satisfied the little looters and the lettuce has been wonderful. The cool weather and lots of rain has made the lettuce and radishes delightful so far. The broccoli and cabbage are still growing but hot weather is on the way and most likely will send them right into bolting mode. The tomatoes are growing gang busters. It's the first time I've grown them from seed. It's been a great success.

    Have a great day in the garden.

  7. We rarely have major bunny damage in our garden except for when the burning bushes were small. I had to cage them.
    The neighbor's cat likes our garden so we'll see how this goes. Leaving that to nature.
    The cat causes me more trouble thinking beds are litter boxes.

  8. I never had a bunny problem in the front gardens (the back is surrounded by a fence plus rabbit wire) until this year. I've filled in two nests (no babies) and I'm constantly chasing away bunnies. If it ever stops raining I will need to spray my Liquid Fence on lots of my flowers. I was really upset when I saw that the bunnies had eaten the buds off my new Daylilies (I don't even know what they would have looked like). Now I'm not a happy gardener when it comes to bunnies!

  9. That bunny must love your yard ---and is looking for a safe place to build his nest.. We have rabbits around here --but so far, none "IN" the yard... There is an empty lot next door and one across the street... Hopefully that is better for them.


  10. I can deal with grown rabbits who have developed taste buds, but oh the baby bunnies are disasters - they eat anything and everything and nothing stops them. Good luck!

  11. We had a bunny make it's nest in the dog pen,,,of all places. Our Springer used to love to catch rabbits. We kept chasing the bunny out, but she persisted. We had to tie the dog out of his pen for a while..Balisha

  12. That is a very persistent bunny. It must know you won't be mowing around the tomatoes and onions. With a nest there it won't have to go far to find lunch.

  13. They are so cute but can really nibble those plants. LOL!

  14. Oh, so cute!!! And what a convenient place for the bunny to nest. Perhaps you will be planting carrots soon? :) I have seen more bunnies this year than we usually do. Thankfully, none have taken up residence in my veggie garden, though!


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