Saturday, June 15, 2013

Larkspur In The Landscape

Larkspur self seeds and provides nice color this time of year.

In the front garden under the living room window.

In a corner of the front garden behind some forsythia.

In the back garden around the asparagus.

In the alley as a backdrop to white yarrow.

In the alley as a backdrop to vinca vine.


  1. I really enjoy self seeding plants--yours have picked out lovely spots. I have some cone flower that has spread quite a lot. Looks like you can see it out of almost any window.

  2. I wonder why I have no larkspur in OUR flower beds? It sure is pretty everywhere it's growing in YOURS....

  3. Wow-they look great. I love how they show up in all the nooks and crannies. How delightful!

  4. Your larkspur is just lovely. I planted some this year, and I hope mine reseeds like yours has!

  5. I love larkspur--what a lot of lovely blooms you have! For several years I tried to grow it with no success, then I discovered that if I scattered it in late winter when I sowed poppy seeds it would germinate. Not sure if what is in my garden is from this year's seeds or if it re-seeded from last year, but I'm happy to have this pretty cottage bloom!

  6. I really love the wildflowers in your garden. I'm sowing nigella this fall and am going to add larkspur to the mix. I hope mine are as successful as yours. :o)

  7. Isn't that beautiful! I love how it reseeds itself. It grows where it plants itself. Very cool.

  8. The Larkspur are lovely. Nice to have the color this year and that they self seed for you.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  9. You always have such great looking flowers. My flowers are done when the Iris are finished blooming. Well, in the flower beds that is. I planted my patio trellis again this year. There are four hanging baskets of Impatiens and seven pots of fibrous begonias down the sides of the trellis. It's all set up for automatic watering so all I have to do for maintenance is to shoot a little fertilizer in the pots every three or four weeks. Two years ago it put on a dazzling display. I'm hoping for the same this year.

    Have a great day in the garden.

  10. Ah, you love larkspur as much as I do, I see! It's such a wonderfully care free plant - and so pretty and delicate looking!

  11. Lovely! We also love Larkspur. This time of year I'm pulling up plants with specific color flowers/seedheads and putting where I want them to bloom next year: White ones in the shady spots, purple along the front fence, etc.
    Looking forward to seeing what's next in your beds.

  12. I sometimes think that the larkspur reseeds a little toooo generously. .but it is one of my favorite spring flowers. .so it stays!! Glad yours is doing so well! Last year a hummingbird friend also enjoyed it to the max. .this year. .just I am enjoying it!


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