Monday, June 17, 2013

Mud On The Carrots

Last night, a thunderstorm woke me up.  It POURED.  There was a lot of lightening too.  Some wind.
1.15" when it was all done on top of the two smaller rains we'd received Friday and Saturday nights.
Feeling really blessed at Garden on Sherlock Street.

The wet soil let these carrots come right out of the ground. 

As I harvested veggies, this swallowtail butterfly teased me.  It would not open its wings for a photo, but I sure enjoyed its company.


  1. This is the first time I've noticed you label your butterfly posts "flying flowers" - I like that label!

  2. That's one heck of a lot of rain to fall in one night! The week over here is very unpredictable at the moment. Thge forecasters are saying rain/showers, but everything is staying cloudy, dry and very warm. I even had to put the sprinkler on last night. I also like the label 'Flying Flowers', it's so true, and as for your carrots, they look delish. have a good week.

  3. Carrots---oh yum. I'm a LONG way away from those.
    I bet they tasted wonderful. Nothing beats homegrown!

  4. What perfect carrots so straight with no knobs.. Vegetables can make the most beautiful picture...almost as pretty as flowers.

  5. Those carrots look great!

    I've got parsley planted for the swallowtails, but I haven't netted any caterpillars yet.

  6. We had just short of an inch of rain over the weekend. I pulled a couple carrot tops to see how things were going in our carrot containers. .very, VERY small!! Though we planted them quite late, I am still hoping that they will get bigger. They aren't thriving as they have in years past. .looks like yours are doing well though! Good for you!

  7. How wonderful to get rain. I wonder if the creatures love to see it as much as we do. I bet they do!

  8. Wonderful you got rain and a fair amount of it! Your carrots are delicious looking!


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