Saturday, June 29, 2013

Small Garlic Harvest

Some issues with the garlic I saved for seed last year and a dry winter gave me a smaller than average garlic harvest this summer, but it looks good.  I have the garlic on the patio drying.


  1. Small or not, it looks like some fine "eats" ahead. Congrats! It's making me look forward to my own harvest.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. The weather this year has made all our garden stuff a bit off - lots of rain and then none. Hope you get more good stuff in yours.

  3. The grasshoppers are eating my garlic leaves down to the I guess I might as well harvest mine, too. The tops hadn't fallen over, because they've been nibbled down to almost nubs.

  4. We'll be putting in garlic this fall as well and it will be our first time. Any hints?

    It's always such a good feeling to be able to pick fresh from the garden.

    1. Garlic is very carefree. Plant, water, mulch and wait. I water mine in the spring but stopped in mid June--once I cut the scapes. The scapes are the flower. Take those off to get bigger bulbs. I'll save a few of the biggest bulbs to plant again this fall. Good luck with your first garlic crop!

  5. Small or not, you have some good ones... And I remember that a little garlic goes a long way... ha

    We've had so much rain.... Crazy! And it's almost COOL here tonight... Can't believe it's July 1st.


  6. Hmm. .I guess I'd better get out and harvest mine..I keep thinking they should be harvested in the fall. .but that also explains why the stems are dying off!! Would you believe that just a few weeks ago, we brought up the last of the bulbs from last fall to use!! That was my new favorite crop!! Thanks!


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