Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunny Windy Hot

Monday, June 10
     Sunny, windy and hot.
     Watered and hunted squash bugs.
     Gave the retired teacher who lives in the rental next door a tour of the garden.  We've talked over the fence, but she had never seen the garden up close.  She was amazed that there is no lawn in the back garden.

Tuesday, June 11
     Sunny, windier and hotter.
     Watered and hunted squash bugs.  I was more generous with the water this evening.  Going from nice mild temperatures to a hair dryer these past two days has been rough on the plants.  All their new leaves look horrible.  My clematis had lovely little buds that I don't think will open now.  We were well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday and today with winds up to 25 mph and gusts 40 mph.  When I went to work this morning at 5:30 am, it was still 80 degrees.  We should go back down to the 90s for our high tomorrow.  What a relief.
     As I was watering the lettuce, this fellow jumped out of the cold frame box.  Then, I jumped.  Then, I grabbed my camera.  He was the highlight of today's gardening experience.


  1. What a cute photo. I would love to be your neighbor and get a personal garden tour.
    I think today has been our hottest day so far but we are still receiving a good amount of rain each week.

  2. Today was supposed to be middle 90s but instead the humidity was in the 90s and temperature was in the 80s. Yeah, it felt like breathing water. Do toads hunt squash bugs?
    Have a great day in the garden.

  3. Oh, those temps are awful. We've been ok with temps, but the rains have quit and things are so dry.
    So nice to have a garden guest---teacher or toad!

  4. We have been having the varied temps too. Lots of rain coming which we need and moderate temps in the low 70°s. Your little croaker is adorable. I need a few of those here! Add to slug patrol. Lucky with little rain, not many of those buggers.

  5. We have extremely hot temps today also here --which is rare for us especially in June...

    The thing which has hurt our Roses this year is TOO much rain recently. Some of the new buds have brown along the edges... Poor things --not very pretty... Luckily, we have had some beauties so far --so I can't complain.

    Glad you could show off your gorgeous gardens to your neighbor...


  6. It sounds like you've been a bit hotter than we have. It's 4 p.m. now and 99 degrees. I'm not sure that we're going to hit 100 (for which I'm quite thankful). Yesterday and all morning today, we had beastly wind, as well. Like yours, my plants are complaining a bit about the sudden switch from cool and moist to hot and dry. At least this spring I've gotten more of the beds mulched than I did the last 2 years.

  7. Just seems like we waited for warmer weather for so long, and now it seems like an oven over night and constantly. I'm now keeping my dishpan in my sink always. When I wait for the hot water to get to the kitchen, I can use the cold water for plants inside and out.

  8. Hi GoSS...since I am deathly afraid of toads, I would have run away as fast as possible! This guy looks like a big one! When I find one in my garden (which happens a lot), I just move to another spot. My neighbors have heard more than one scream coming from the garden! :-)

  9. I love that you have no lawn in your backyard. Hope your temperatures are back down to more tolerable levels soon.

  10. We have had a surge of tiny toads over the last couple days. .ALL my kids were loving them. .even Tristan (he was maybe the worst)God's creation never really ceases to amaze me!! What a find!


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