Sunday, June 2, 2013

Time On The Wabash Trace

My wonderful husband and I recently took a little trip to bike ride on the Wabash Trace Nature Trail in Iowa.  It used to be a train track.  It's a rails to trails project.

Much of the Wabash Trace looks like this.

The green was almost overwhelming for us as we've been in such a drought.
There are many bridges.  Birds fly across the trail constantly and SING!
We also saw squirrels and deer.  We heard a lot of frogs.

Since we visited during a week when numerous thunderstorms were in the area, we encountered some downed trees.  Most were dead branches or trunks that we could easily lift out of the way.  Others were more challenging.

We were able to make a cleared area on the right hand side to go around this one pushing our bikes.

About three miles into our first trek on the trail, I blew a tube.
We were standing on a bridge looking at a river while our bikes where parked when my back tire went BAM!  Scared us.  No problem as we have extra tubes along.  However, when the tube blew, a piece of tube actually cut through the side of my tire.
WH did put a tube back into the tire so we could push it back easier.  Riding on it would likely have worn a hole in the new tube where the tire was damaged.

Before heading back on foot, WH got this photo of me on the bridge where the tube blew.  He thought the sepia tone gave it that 'old west' look.

We walked our bikes back together until the last mile of trail.  Then, WH rode ahead and back to where we were staying, got our truck with the bike rack and met me at the end of the trail.  We called a bike shop in Council Bluffs, IA and made a trip into the city to get the tire replaced.

Council Bluffs, IA and Omaha, NE have many bike paths.  There is a new pedestrian/bike bridge which crosses the Missouri River connecting the bike trails.  We took the opportunity to try out my new tire on the trails and crossed the curving bridge.

The second day of our biking adventure was our 20th wedding anniversary--May 29.
The trail was kind of soft from all the rain.  We also encountered these (multiple) downed trees at the end of a bridge.  WH held branches apart and I carried each bike through the tangle of limbs.

As we headed down the trail farther, it started to rain.  A stop to put on a little rain gear and on we went to Imogene, IA where we arrived as the local bar and grill was opening for lunch.  We ordered a little food and watched the radar as a thunderstorm came through.

Once the storm cleared, we biked up to St. Patrick Catholic Church which is on the national register of historic places.

We decided to head back to where we were staying via the blacktop roads rather than the now muddier trail.  As we made our way up a hill, we heard the rumble of thunder and could see another shower moving toward us.  We pulled off at a cross road as a pickup came up the hill.  It pulled over too and the man said, "get in, I don't want you out here in a storm."  He was one of the locals back at the bar and grill who we'd talked to briefly.  The bikes went into the bed of the truck, we climbed into the cab and just a bit down the road, it POURED rain.  So, we have now 'hitched a ride with a stranger' and were very glad we did.

We spent the rest of the afternoon inside listening to the thunder and rain.

Our last day biking was perfect weather wise and on the trail.  The trail wasn't as soft and we only had to move a couple of small branches out of our way.  WH took this photo of me over his shoulder while biking.

We returned to our cabin that afternoon and relaxed while watching this wren dart in and out of a gourd birdhouse.

Here's to the next 20 years!

While the area we were in had a lot of rain swelling the rivers flooding some places, Garden on Sherlock Street received just enough rain to keep the garden watered nicely and a little wind but nothing bad.  Severe weather did some damage in counties near us.  Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by the recent storms especially in Oklahoma.

Be well and be safe where ever you are.

I hope to be over to visit your blog soon.


  1. Sounds like a great way to celebrate your anniversary. I love the photos you have shared. How nice to enjoy these scenic bike trails together. Take your time getting around to visit....I'm just happy to hear you had a safe and nice trip!
    p.s. Should you ever make it to Georgia (maybe for a 21st anniversary!!! you should visit Callaway Gardens in south GA. They have great biking trails. Spring and Autumn are gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful trails. I'm so glad that there are more and more trails that were once rails being opened up to hikers and bikers. Beautiful woods and fields that we otherwise would never see. Congratulations on your 20th.

  3. It sounds as if you had a nice biking trip in spite of the storm and the blown tube. Congratulations on your anniversary. I hope you have many, many more.

  4. A belated Happy Anniversary to you two. The trip looks and sounds amazing, how how peaceful, personal and romantic too.
    The idea of cycling along an old railway is fascinating.

  5. Now that is my idea of a great trip. Hubby and I LOVE checking out nice trails. It's a shame there were a lot of downed trees and storm damage, but you guys seemed to make the best of the situation.
    Again, Happy Anniversary!
    Glad you "shared" this trip with us.

  6. Sounds like you 2 had a wonderful trip. You got some great photos.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. In spite of downed trees, muddy paths, a blown tire, pouring rain, you had a lovely anniversary celebration and I wish you many more. How kind of the gentleman to come give you a lift too, just before another storm dumped more rain.

    Congrats on your 20 years together.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. I LOVE the photo of the bridge!!

    Now you can mark "hitch hiking" off your bucket list :-)

    Happy 20th anniversary!! I'm sure the next 20 years will go as fast as the last 20!!

  9. Happy Anniversary... Looks like a great trip despite the weather. I had another friend in Iowa when you were there--and wherever she was was having flooding... Must have been alot of rain and storms around.. Glad things at home are in good shape --and glad you got some rain at home...

    Congrats... Glad you got your tire fixed...


  10. Hi GoSS....It sounds like you had a great time (except for the blowout!) Happy 20th anniversary! Hubby and I love to ride bikes on the "rails to trails". They are always so beautiful! That was so nice of that gentleman to give you a ride.

  11. What a great way to celebrate. Congratulations!

  12. What a fun place. And Happy Anniversary to you! May you have many more happy years together.



  13. Looks like a wonderful place to ride. We have too many steep hills here I would be doing more pushing than riding. LOL! I am glad you carry spare tubes with you.
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