Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Bedroom Done

Mostly I post about gardening, but wanted to share our latest inside remodeling project. 

We started this process sometime in late winter/early spring.  There are many other things wanting our time so remodeling our house is a slow process.  We just live with a pile of furniture and boxes in another room while we work on the current room.  Also, we clean a lot as we go.  I can't stand having everything covered in dust all the time.  So, there is a lot of clean up between each step of the process.  I hate sanding.  Love painting and refinishing, but can do without the smell of the stain.  My wonderful husband runs the saw and paint sprayer for the ceiling.  I run the caulk gun and we share just about all the other tasks.  We usually talk, talk, talk while working or sing with the radio.  Someone always calls when we're in the middle of something messy.  Ha!

Now, we have finished the middle sized bedroom in our house.

It was lavender with paneling on the foundation walls.
This level of our home is half in the ground.

We went green, added crown molding, stained, sealed and/or repainted everything (including the ceiling), removed the paneling, etc down to the foundation so we could water proof it and put beaded ceiling boards up where the paneling used to be.

The closet had bi fold doors.

Now, the closet has French doors.

We have the same carpet.  When we're done with the other rooms, we'll have all the carpet replaced at once.

There was a very well built desk in this corner.  It was solid, but not very nice looking.  We had to take it out to remove the paneling and fix the wall so we just took it out completely.  Our current table will fit into the space and become my crafting space when we purchase a new table for the kitchen (a few years down the road).

There is a hole in the carpet where the cabinet for the desk used to be.  Not worried about it currently.

Just a little tour of our latest inside project.
  Hoping to move into this room so we can start on the master bedroom.


  1. What a transformation! Looks great. I wish hubby and I worked so well together. He's a total perfectionist. I just want it done. See the problem? LOL!

  2. I loved reading about your remodeling inside your home. You and your husband make a great team. It reminds me of my husband and myself. I loved helping him and we worked and built together a LOT through our 43 years together. I miss working with him. :-)

    I love the green paint you used, very soothing.

    Don't forget to look curbside for a table that may be just the right thing for your craft table.

    Love and hugs to you and your DH ~ FlowerLady

  3. Very nice project. Everything looks great. I like the couple home works:) enjoy!

  4. Remodeling is always a slow process for me. It's great that you two can work so well together. It wasn't quite that way with my wife and I. It always seem to boil down to we had the money or the time but never the two together.

    Good luck when you start on the bathrooms and the kitchen.

    Have a great remodeling day.

    1. We've already survived the bathrooms. They are both done. Did those first. Kitchen will be last.

  5. It looks so pretty. The dust and inconvenience are frustrating but the end result is worth it.

  6. Looks great! I love the new color and the transformation from bifold to French doors on the closet. We changed out our closet doors in this house about 5 years ago, from bifold to French, and it's been a fantastic uplift. The crown molding and beadboard is particularly nice too.

    I second FlowerLady's comment about looking for a table for your crafting on the curbside - or at flea markets, garage sales, etc. I purchased at least 50% of our furniture from auctions, estate sales, antique stores, and garage sales over the years and I love it. Most of the time it's much better built than anything but the most expensive new stuff, as well as downright cheap. I figure it's recycling, too!

    1. You're right about something older being better built. We found a round coffee table that is super solid that way. It hasn't been refinished yet but likely will be when we get to the family room remodel.

  7. I love the idea of the two of you singing along together as you go. The finished room looks much brighter and nicer than the old one. I hate any form of house updating, but there is a long list building up and so had better get a bit more eager.

  8. I love Before and After projects! Nothing more satisfying then doing such renovations yourself. You two did a wonderful job and something to make ya proud....

  9. I really like what you and your husband have done with this bedroom. It looks very good.

  10. I love your finished room. What a great job you both did, and singing along with the music as you work sounds like Bill and I. We enjoy working together.

  11. Love the "sing with the radio" So many people are at each other's throats when they remodel.
    You are doing a great job. Everything looking so bright and fresh.

  12. Remodeling is hard ---and does take time... You all are doing a great job---going from room to room.. Once it's all finished, you can get new carpeting. That will make a NEW home....Yeah!!!!!

    Love the green color.

  13. You have made wonderful improvements here in the room. It is fun to transform a room to a new look.

  14. How satisfying to complete a project like this! I like hearing of how the two of you work together. The French doors on the closet really look great - together with the change in paneling & color of paint, you've created a very attractive "after".

  15. Thank you all for you kind reviews of our remodeling and encouragement. I'll use that to motivate me through the next project. The next room includes removing some walls around a chimney we're taking out. A poorly operating fireplace will be coming out down the road. It's chimney goes through the end if our bedroom.

  16. I LOVE it!! Can't wait until I can come see it all in person!! REally like the color!!


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