Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fourth Nest

This bunny is a silly rabbit.

It tried to make a nest in our front lawn.  We 'chased' it away from that project.
It made a nest near our compost site.  No baby bunnies.

Now, it is making a nest in the middle of my zinnias and dill.

Not sure if the bunny knows what it's doing.

No rain today.  I got out a few trusty garden tools and did a little dead heading and weeding.
Soooooo easy to pull weeds when the ground is wet. 


  1. Well, sounds like you should call this one Peter Rabbit...he didn't have much sense himself.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker

  2. I think that's where the term "dumb bunny" comes from. Well, ya gotta give her an A for effort.

    I'm so glad you've been getting that much needed rain. Around these parts, it's easier to weed when it doesn't rain. Dry sand--it's a weeders dream.

  3. I chase them off when I can from the front, but they just come back. Fortunately they are not getting in my back privacy fenced yard. The squirrels are making a mess this year though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Yeah, rain would help with weeding for sure. We here in eastern Nebraska got our whopping big rain a couple days ago. It was a total of .06 of an inch. It brings the total up to .44 of an inch for the whole month. Even with the very small dew like rains the yards have responded from brown to semi brown. It did water the front yard once in July just to keep it alive and, of course, the crab grass is growing gang busters in the back yard. Weeds and crab grass seem to thrive on dry weather.

    I used to have a rabbit that nested under the lilac bush every year but I haven't seen her for a couple years now. I don't know what the life span of a rabbit is out in the wild. I covered my rabbit garden food a couple years to keep her from eating the lettuce. Then apparently she learned she couldn't eat that and left it alone even when the cover wasn't on it.

    Have a great day in the garden.

  5. I had a couple of bunnies in my lettuce patch last night. Maybe they have a nest there and weren't just eating.

  6. You are so right - the soil is perfect for weeding right now. Maybe I'll get inspired!

    Oh, and it's probably a good thing that the bunny isn't being too successful about nesting! It makes it much easier to enjoy her company in the garden.

  7. Your rabbit is certainly persistent. We've gotten a little rain today so I'm hoping our weeds will also be easy to pull.

  8. Glad your weeds are coming up easily. That is a very determined bunny!

  9. Lucky you for the rain. We had .26 inch of rain yesterday but the ground is still rather hard. It's amazing how hard and dry it gets in the summer time. Stupid old bunny. You might need to trap it and relocate. Good luck.

  10. In the first picture here, with the bunny, it looks like in the foreground, you have an aloe plant.....If I'm correct on this, do you leave it out all summer in the direct sun? Thank you for such a lovely blog.

    1. You are correct. It is an aloe. The aloe is in a container on the patio. I was zoomed in on the bunny from our patio trying to not spook it. I didn't even think about the aloe in the foreground. The aloe comes into the house in the winter. Good eye!


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