Monday, July 29, 2013

Showers Bring Flowers

The rain is very nice for the flowers.  We got another .70" in the last twenty four hours.



  1. After the last two yeas of drought, isn't this wet spring and wet summer delicious! More rain for us last night this morning! The only bad thing is that weeds are growing by feet -- not inches! But it is so pleasant outside that one WANTS to be in the garden!

  2. Two very beautiful blooms. Glad the rain hit your area for you.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. So happy to hear you are having rainfall on your beauties! There is nothing like Mother Natures wetness to perk up a garden. In my case, a little too much this year but better then a drought so I shall not complain...

  4. Oh your rain barrels must be so happy:)

  5. Your Dianthus blooms are so pretty.... We have some solid pink blooms --but they bloom in spring and are long-gone....

    Glad you are getting the rain now. Hooray!

  6. We're getting rain here as well and so thankful for it. It was actually pouring this afternoon for a good 15 minutes with the sun as bright as could be. More rain in the forecast, and our barrels are now full!

  7. The dianthus are so pretty, vibrant colors. Yay for rain!


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