Monday, August 12, 2013

A Special Visitor At Garden On Sherlock Street

Saturday morning dawned with the promise of more beautiful weather at Garden on Sherlock Street.  My wonderful husband and I had plans to ride our bikes with some friends in the morning.  We were just getting started when a text message from Melanie at There's No Place Like Home rang my phone.  She was going to be in town.  Were we available for a visit?  "Yes!" was my reply.

After a great bike ride, a phone call finalized the plans and we were ready for Melanie and a couple of her children to visit.

It was a fast garden tour, but with the recent rains and milder temperatures, the garden put on a nice display.
We talked and laughed and shared time together in the garden and over lunch.  A sweet friendship that started about three years ago through our blogs.  Last year, WH and I made the trip to her garden.

We posed for a couple of photos...

In the front garden where it was very sunny.

In the back garden enjoying a little shade.

Thanks for everything Melanie.  So nice to see you again.
Here's to more garden visits.


  1. How wonderful to have visited one another's gardens. One of the many perks of blogging!

  2. Lovely picture of you two! How nice to get to visit with a blogger! If I ever get out your way I plan to message you for a visit too! Please do the same if you ever make it to TN. Enjoy this beautiful summer!

  3. It's always an amazing experience to be able to catch up with blog friends in person. I'm glad you had a great visit with Melanie.

  4. Ah---how neat!!! I love meeting Blog Friends in person... Makes the relationship even stronger... So glad that Melanie came by to visit.... I'm sure she enjoyed seeing your gardens.


  5. I love spending time with my garden blogger friends. I've met the most amazing gardeners online and meeting them in person is always so rewarding. It's such an added benefit when we're able to meet the gardens we've read so much about as well.

  6. Aww! I love it! I think that Melanie is pretty special!! Hope you had a great visit!

  7. Technology is an amazing thing, isn't it. Just a couple decades ago that friendship would have never happened. I'm always amazed at the many friends that I have never met in person but are very much friends. In my mother's day they were called penpals but the social media changed all that into what can be a wonderful way to communicate. Out of close to 200 people that reside on my contact list, I've only really met just a hand full. It's a great experience to hear their voice and savor their laughs along with the words, don't you think?

    Have a great blogger communication day.

  8. We certainly enjoyed our last minute trip!! Thanks to WH and Dev for taking such GREAT picture memories for us!! Your garden is truly beautiful. .and so well loved and cared for!! I am so thankful to have you both as part of our lives!! Here's to many more garden visits!! Thanks, friend!!

  9. How lovely to meet up with a fellow blogger, and as others have said, really nice photos of you two.


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