Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Comments On The Cukes

I love cucumbers.  Simple salads of sliced cukes with a little dressing and I'm set.  I could eat them with most every summer meal.

My go to cucumber variety is marketmore 76.  It grows well here.  They don't get too long and they stay fairly straight.

I also have white wonder growing.  I got the seeds free with a seed order last year.

I planted twice as many of the marketmore 76 than the white wonder, but I'm harvesting twice as many of the white wonder than the marketmore 76.

White wonder is much easier to find in the cucumber vines.
Maybe I just haven't found all of the others.  ;-)

Marketmore 76 has a few prickly points as all cucumbers do.
White wonder is COVERED with prickly points.  I seriously wear gloves when I harvest them.  They take extra scrubbing with the veggie brush.

Have only had a few be slightly bitter this summer.
I would say the cucumbers have been a success.


  1. I love them as well and my uncle years ago would mix sour cream and dill seeds to dip the cucumbers in. Really good.

  2. We both love cucumbers in a simple salad dressing. Glad you have had good success.

  3. I could eat cukes and drink them! They are so good and I never get sick of them. Delish! Not envious at all:)

  4. Mine have been a dismal failure here. Blight or mosaic got them early and that was that. Glad you are having a good season.

  5. I didn't realize cukes had prickles on them. Hmmm! You can tell I've not grown any. Happy harvesting and eating.


  6. My cucumbers were a bust this year. I harvested just few scrawny looking ones. They tasted great but just weren't to productive. From 10 vines I might have harvest about 20 cukes. It's been the second year for not many cucumbers. I'm not sure what the problem has become. I'll beef up the compost in next year's cucumber area and see if that helps.

    Most of my cucumbers become pickles. Dill are my favorite so I'm working toward getting a good supply to store away in the food storage area. The process of growing and pickling hasn't quite become reality yet.

    Have a great cucumber day.

  7. I too love cucumbers... I like the small ones the best since they are so crisp..... We just slice them and put them on our plates with some sea salt... YUM...


  8. It sounds as if you have a wonderful crop of cucumbers. I'll bet both varieties are delicious.

  9. Yum! Your half way there to a Greek salad! They look wonderful. :o)

  10. We like cucumbers too. Plain or with a bit of salt, yum. I planted prickly cucumber seeds from India this year and am waiting to see if I get cucumbers from the plants.


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