Friday, August 30, 2013

Hot And Orange

It has gotten HOT again at Garden on Sherlock Street.  Our mild August with rain is over.  Has been for a couple of weeks.  Good news:  our drought status has been moved from 'Extreme' to 'Severe' due to the rains earlier this summer.  Glad for every drop.

We're harvesting squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, green beans and peppers.  I take the extras to work and they all seem to find grateful people.  Watching the winter squash plants make fruit and looking forward to harvesting them when it is time.  Most excited that this year, there will be pumpkins.

Still waiting to see any hummingbirds.  I keep putting out fresh sugar water.

The butterflies are increasing in number.  It's just too hot to chase them around the garden with a camera.
We're suppose to cool down for Labor Day.

Life is good at GonSS.  It is certainly late summer with the heat, but signs of autumn are starting to appear.

Almost time for the monthly tour photos.  Stay tuned.


  1. We had such a wonderful early August. We're making up for it, it seems! Sigh -- we should learn that we have to pay the piper. Love your pumpkins! And who isn't eager to help get rid of home grown produce!!!!

  2. We had a cool August until this past week as well.
    I'll be so glad when autumn arrives.
    LOVE the pumpkins.
    Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Wishing you both a nice weekend. Your pumpkins look great!

  4. I hope you'll send of your cooler weather our way. We've been hot and dry for a couple of weeks now. Your pumpkins are looking good. They're a good sign that autumn and cooler weather is on the way.

  5. So far it looks like there will be only one pumpkin at Terra Nova Garden which is great considering I didn't plant any. The plant came up in the weeds and grew one pumpkin which is still green. One pumpkin is about all I can handle this year anyway.

    Have a great pre fall day in the garden.

  6. After a cold spring, the last few weeks have been hotter than usual. I have some kind of vine growing that I didn't plant. There are small balls on it right now. Whatever they are, they probably won't ripen before the first frost. I'm glad you are getting a good harvest. I am getting more tomatoes than usual, but the vines are diseased, so they will be dying before all of the tomatoes ripen. I have been making soup with veggies from my garden and the farmer's market.

  7. GOD planted some pumpkins in my memory garden. .imagine my surprise to find about 10 pumpkins of varying sizes!! They are turning orange now too. .I LOVE it. .I also was excited to see he added some cantaloupe vines right there too. .which are nearly ready to eat!! And if that wasn't enough. .last weekend, I was watering some pots. .and a little ruby throat came and took a SHOWER in my waterspray. .2 feet from me!! OH how I wished that I had my camera!! Little stinker!! Hope you see one before the season is over!


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