Monday, November 18, 2013

Last Plant Blooming

The leaves have all fallen off the trees and shrubs.  The flowers are all but gone.  

One plant is still going strong.  This purple chrysanthemum.  It is always the last plant to bloom in the garden.  So nice to have a little splash of color!


  1. Amazing that the chrysanthemum is still blooming... Seems like there are always plants which try to hold on into the winter.... Our Pansies are our only splash of color now.


  2. What a great splash of color. I can't imagine having anything in bloom this late. We've had several snows already. I did drag a bunch of my geraniums in the house , but that doesn't really count .

  3. GOSS, There's no color left here in Nebraska. All the Maple trees are bare. Maple trees seem to hold onto their leaves the longest. It's been a good year and much has been accomplished toward producing. Next year I am going to incorporate more flowers into the garden as companion plants. I've never tried that before so it will be a great adventure into an unknown area of gardening. You are so good at that and your blog has given me inspiration to give it a try.

    Weather temperatures here have been trying daily to reach the 60 degree mark which is not rare but not normal either. I've been working diligently to get the last of the garden cleanup completed before the weather prevents working outside. Looks like the warm weather just might hold up until after Thanksgiving.

    Have a greatest outside day that you can.

  4. The purple is very pretty. Nice to have something so consistently blooming until winter finally takes over completely.

  5. Any blossom this time of year is doubly beautiful.

  6. Good Evening, How lovely to still have a little colour in your garden. I still have a lot of green foliage in my garden, but we are going to have our first severe frost tonight, so most plants will lose their leaves. We have covered some of our plants with fleece to protect them from the frost, and we are hoping that it will be enough to save our lemon tree.... fingers crossed.
    Enjoy your beautiful purple Chrysanthemums.
    Best Wishes

  7. We still had some alyssum in a little micro climate next to the garage blooming away. It's amazing how one or two plants "hold out" until the very end!


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