Monday, November 4, 2013

November Radishes

We've been having the nicest autumn.  The frosts have been light.
There is talk of colder weather tomorrow night though and maybe rain or snow.

The garden has slowly been finishing.  My autumn planting of lettuce isn't doing much, but I have radishes!!!

These are the sweetest radishes.  Not hot.  Just a lot of radish flavor.


  1. Fresh, sweet radishes this time of the year are a real treat. Yummy!

  2. Your radishes are lovely---and I bet the fact that they are mild makes it twice as nice.
    We've had a very mild autumn as well. I wish I had known it would be like that--I would have planted some fall greens as well.

  3. I love radishes! Yours look great.

  4. The radishes are looking good. They are my favourite salad crop, although the pathetic little ones that I bought from the grocers yesterday are not a patch on yours. Have a good week.

  5. How nice to have radishes in November. I can imagine their crisp sweet taste. My garden is firmly in the throes of winter , covered in snow and frozen solid.

  6. We've had similar weather, with snow possible this week, too. I never seem to get around to late plantings of vegetables--how nice to have radishes in November! They probably like the cooler weather so much better than the often hot days in late spring.

  7. Radishes and Kolharabis are yummy. I've been eating them a lot lately:) Not sure that's such a good idea.....


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