Saturday, December 14, 2013

Help Identify This Bird Of Prey

I know this isn't the clearest photo.
I took it out of one of our lower level windows zoomed between the picnic table legs and a bench.

It was eating another bird it had killed.

Any idea what it is?


  1. Or Sharp-Shinned. I often have trouble distinguishing the two


  3. Sharp Shinned and Cooper's Hawk seem to be the best guesses. I had other comments from readers and either I or Blogger lost them. :-(

    I looked up both types of hawk and an not certain about either, but ar leaning toward a Cooper's Hawk due to its range and I don't think it's tail was as long as a sharp shinned claims to be.

    It was quite a sight to see in the garden.

  4. It looks small. Maybe a male Sharp Shinned. The males are much smaller than females. I was going to post one today that looks just like it. I will do post on it later. To tell the difference between Coopers and SS, the tail is rounded with a white tip on Cooper's, square on SS. The head is bigger too on a Cooper's, the breast markings lighter and wider spaced.

    1. I looked at some other photos I took of the hawk. I'm not sure if the tail tip is rounded or square, but each feather definitely has a white tip. I'll look forward to your post.

  5. Sorry, can't help with identifying this bird, but I agree with you it is great to have predator birds in the garden. We have also some hunting in our area and I could observe a falcon catching a mourning dove in our garden. Quite brutal actually, but sometimes that is what it is when nature is at work. Wishing you good luck that you find out exactly what it is!

  6. I'm thinking a female or juvenile Cooper's hawk. Wow. Nice photos. I have tried taking pictures of the birds here but can never get a good shot.

  7. What a sight to see. Great shot! Wildlife shots are usually unplanned , you get what you get :)

  8. Wishing you two a blessed Christmas.

  9. I am very bad with bird identification.
    Thought it look like a penguin in winter ;) .

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


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