Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It Was Cold Out There

Look what I found on my wonderful husband's phone.

While I was outside Sunday taking the December tour photos, WH was inside taking photos of me.


  1. Looks like you'll have that white Christmas. Looks great---and cold, indeed!
    Stay warm

  2. Excellent! Good for him, and it really does look very cold over there. I like the secret photos that people take of each other.

  3. Sweet photos, unknown to you, but lovingly taken by your husband.

    It looks COLD!

    Down here in s.e. FL it is 80 and real feel temp is 85. The a.c. is on and feels great! It might be our winter weather this year.


  4. You look so festive in your red coat...

  5. So cute that your husband took photos of you, while you were photographing your garden. I am already very impressed that you are using a tripod, but doing this in the temperatures that you are having shows real dedication to blogging ;-)! Wishing you an ongoing nice Christmas season. Hope you are able to stay warm!

  6. I enjoy taking pictures of my Beautiful Bride when she's not aware that I'm doing it. It's always good to see photos of a dedicated photographer at work.

  7. You look nice and toasty warm outside in that cold!!!!!! We haven't had any snow yet (darn)--but have had some ice/sleet --and very cold temps…. Brrrrrrr…

    Tell hubby that he did a great job!!!!

  8. BRRRR!! It was sure cold!! Looks a little Christmasy at your place!

  9. You are a dedicated photographer. There's no way I'll be out taking picture in this brutally cold weather. I might take a shot out through the window but nothing like you are doing. My pictures will be inside stuff until the Spring weather arrives.

    Have a great brrrr cold picture taking day.

  10. Lovely photos. Your red coat really is pretty against the snow.


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