Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Tour 2014

Front Garden


Back Garden

Side Garden

Vegetable Garden




  1. Not much for snow.....have you had any of that bitter cold the past few weeks? We're buried up here --plenty of skiing and snowmobiling, but temps take a tumble again tomorrow---Minus 35-45 windchills. Good weather to look through seed catalogs-LOL!

  2. It looks about like our place did two days ago with a dusting of snow. Now it is raining and forecast to get really cold. Everyone here is bracing as we've not had this cold of weather since 1996 according to the weather reports. Stay warm!

  3. Your pictures today remind me about us living in NH for so many years. I would look out at the yard from my kitchen window and think about all the beautiful flowers "fast asleep" out there. How different it would look come spring and even more so come summer. The winters may be too long, but us gardeners have something to look forward to as the spring comes closer.

  4. Need a little snow to fill in the gaps???? I have some to send you :) Happy New Year!

  5. Even GA is struggling with frigid temps this week. Stay safe this week.

  6. Looks close to us here although we have snow on the ground pretty heavily. A Winter to remember.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Pictures kind of have a way of saying it all, don't they. It's amazing to me that something so desolate now can launch into such beauty in just a couple for months. Every year that passes, I am more thrilled to see the new fresh life come forth in the Spring of the year. This year seems to be a particularly harsh Winter but that just makes spring all the better to enjoy.

    Yup, -14 degrees here this morning with a huge warm up to a whopping 2 degrees today. Have the best Winter day that you can.

  8. It looks as if your garden is resting up for a productive growing season ahead. Right now we have a little more snow on the ground than you have.

  9. Looks like January in your area of the country!!!! SO different from spring and summer, isn't it????? We have about 2 inches of snow --and the low this morning was MINUS 10 degrees.. Unbelievably cold…


  10. I have to echo David's sentiments. What looks so bare in one season is rich with life in another. :o) I hope this spring isn't as cold as last years.

  11. Your last two tours both feature snow. .not sure about you. .but THIS girl. .is ready for some spring :-) Hope I don't have to wait too long!!

  12. I almost did a double take. They look like views from last year, especially the Forest! Maybe a bit bigger? LOL.


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