Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just A January Report

January at Garden on Sherlock Street.  Not a lot to share.

Hopefully, the plants outside are surviving our crazy temperature swings.  We've been below zero and up to almost 60 degrees Fahrenheit so far this month.  We've only gotten a little snow and ice.  We've had days of crazy winds.  Like blowing dust kind of winds.  Nothing has blown out of the garden, but I sure have picked up a lot of trash that has blown into the garden.

I continue to feed the wildlife.  The squirrels and birds sure like our feeders and water bowls.

I am mostly hanging out in the house with the plants I brought in last fall, the house dwellers who live inside year round. a hyacinth bulb sprouting in a vase and the garden catalogs.

Doing a little planning for the 2014 growing season.

I need more pea fences to use for things other than peas.  Those are ordered.

I want some drought tolerant plants for the bed just off the patio.  Selections have been made.  Mulling over the choices before making the order final.

Vegetables beds need to be planned.  I have some seeds from last year which should still be good, but many will need to be replaced.  Not looking for anything new necessarily.  Just needing to restock the seed supply.   Time to get out the seed box and get serious about where everything will get planted.

On the home front, we are slowly working on the master bedroom remodel.  Have I mentioned that I hate sanding?  I'm also doing some decluttering.  When I'm inside more looking at all our stuff, I start to reorganize things and clear out the unneeded items.  Anything still in good condition gets donated to a variety of organizations in our community that can use them or resell them to support their missions.  And, I'm shredding a lot of papers.

That's the January report from Garden on Sherlock Street.  Hope all is well with you!


  1. You are experiencing a wide variety of weather for sure. Our winter has been super wet. I have enjoyed the seed catalogs too on these cold days. We've done a little painting indoors and always organizing and donating. Where does all the stuff come from??? LOL

  2. Good Afternoon to you, Although the weather is cold, it is fun planning our Spring and Summer gardens, especially when the seed catalogues arrive. I love indoor plants as much as I love outdoor plants and a particular favourite is hyacinth bulbs. I love the perfume they exude throughout the house, when they are in flower.
    Oooh sanding, we are doing a little project at the moment which involves sanding, but it is so cold in the garage, that we keep putting it off..... maybe we will feel more like it when spring arrives.
    Have a lovely day.
    Best Wishes

  3. We've had those crazy weather swings as well, although it sounds as if Old Man Winter is going to make a return visit in a couple of days. Seed catalogs are a comfort on cold winter days.

  4. Hope you and your plants are surviving this crazy winter. I am in fear for mine here for certain. Looks like you are already getting ready to plant. I have been drooling over all the catalogs. LOL!

  5. Crazy weather here, too. This will be the first winter I haven't ordered a bunch of plants for spring planting. I have a few monarda on the way from an organic nursery but all the other new additions were added last fall. But I do like to dream my way through all those catalogs, anyway. :o)

  6. It sounds like you are keeping busy during your erratic winter weather.

    Sanding is such a tedious job, that needs doing, and someone needs to do it. I remember sanding projects very well. :-)

    Happy decluttering and garden planning.


  7. Yeah, weather swings here too in Nebraska. I'm getting ready to check the viability of my seeds. I have already ordered and received some of the year's seeds and have allot of seeds from last year to check to see if more need to be ordered.

    My inside projects were put on hold due to an appendectomy on January 2nd. I'm fully recovered but just can't lift any thing heavy for a few more days. This surgery today is really not a big deal. In one day three one inch incisions for the surgery and out the next day. I'll be glad to get back to my winter project which is cleaning out the basement for my grandson to have his own play area. I'm really going to have to get cracking as it's only 62 days until Spring.

    Have a great winter project day.

  8. Half of the fun is in the planning, I think. I've been tempted to buy some house plants, but the ones that I want are only available by mail order in my area and I don't want to chance shipping in this crazy weather. Hopefully planning will be enough now!

    1. I was thinking of ordering some house plants too but need to wait until it's always warm!!

  9. It's difficult to know what to get stuck into when the weather is so changeable isn't it? Plant planning is always a winner in my book. Have a lovely week, there may be snow on the way yet!

  10. While your weather is forcing you to be mostly inside, here in Southern California January is one of the busiest garden months for me. I am planting new plants, pruning and fertilizing the roses and water as much as I do in spring since it is unusually warm and we didn't have any winter rains, yet. But January is also a months of de-cluttering the house and get organized for me, I guess maybe that is a universal need to get ready for spring ;-)? Wishing you fun planning your garden for this year and reading the seed catalogs. Warm regards,

  11. So interesting to read what everyone is up to. Strange weather patterns seem to be afflicting all of us, in my case wind, rain and yet more rain. This is the month for some optimistic planning and dreaming whilst I'm marooned indoors.
    Most impressed by the mention of de-cluttering, it's a skill that I've yet to acquire!


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