Sunday, January 26, 2014

Talk Of A Watering Ban

Our city commissioners are starting to talk about the possibility of banning all outside water use this year.  We continue to be in a drought.  Our city's water wells are very low.  There hasn't been much moisture yet this winter.

If the watering ban happens, my container plantings may not happen.  I've already placed an order for some drought tolerant perennials to plant off the back patio.  Those should arrive in April.  If we get any rain, they'll get extra water from the patio roof runoff.  I have made the list of edibles I want to plant this year.  It is one post back.  There will be some adjusting especially with the tomato varieties.  Final choices for starter plants often are based on what looks best at the greenhouse.  This year's edibles will also be edited if there is a watering ban.

There will be prayers for rain, rain barrels set up to catch every drop possible and bath water saved again this year.

I don't mean to set a dismal outlook for the next growing season.  It could be a challenging year at Garden on Sherlock Street; but I will still plant because the rain may come.  When the rain comes, the plants that are here will be glorious!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the possible water shortage. I talked with a western Nebraska farmer last week. It's very dry there as well. He claims that the government is building giant wells dug deep to hit the aquifer that resides under Nebraska. The intention is to pump massive amounts of water into the Republican river which flows into Kansas for use there. I've already noticed that milk in the grocery stores has increased a dollar in price due to herd cut backs because of lack of feed. The question for the farmers is not can I afford the feed for the livestock but can I find any feed for the livestock. California is really hurting and the food farmers there are worried about whether they will get the water needed to irrigate their crops this year.

    Our snow (moisture) has been almost non existent this winter in Nebraska. The crazy weather just continues. Sixty degree swings in temperatures are not uncommon this winter. Yesterday it was 52 and this morning it's 1 degree with a wind chill of -22. I'll definitely be praying a few prayers for the rains to come this spring but no floods.

    Have a great Winter planning day.

    1. The up and down temps have been wild. We got nailed by an honest to God dust storm late yesterday when the front came through. Crazy.

  2. It's amazing how dry parts of the country are and have been for so long. I still hope that snow and rain will bring some much needed moisture west of the Mississippi. We're already fighting brush fires here in Tennessee, but the situation isn't as bad as it is out your way.

  3. Praying you get the rain, dear friend.

  4. With what is plaguing CA this year, it seems to be setting the mark for things to come. We have not had a ban, but I would not be surprised to see one soon. The last few years here were very dry. I hope things look up for you this summer.

  5. I also pray that you will get much needed rain.


  6. Praying for you to get some rain... I cannot believe all of the crazy weather in this country this year. We are having the coldest January's I can ever remember. AND--we've gotten plenty of liquid this winter.... I hope your situation turns around.


  7. BUMMER!! We were sure hopeful that as the rains became more frequent last fall. .that it would continue. .Maybe some good moist snow in the forecast for next week. .at our place for sure. .hopefully yours too!!

  8. The west is really having it rough this winter with no snow or rain. I hope the coming months are much moister. I will add you to my prayer list. :o)

  9. I hope you start getting some rain, and that the spring rains erase the drought in your area (and California's too). Drought is not fun, but a ban on all outdoor watering seems extreme - and devastating to any garden.

  10. I think you'll find the drought tolerant plants fun:) SO this snow you just received should help a tad....but not by much.

  11. I know all about those drought conditions and feel for you. In our area, we are finally back to normal rain fall but knowing how Mother Nature has been here the past 14 years, I know another drought is just around the corner for us. I pray you have much needed rain in the coming year...


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