Saturday, February 22, 2014

Perfect Pruning Weather

We were given a warm Saturday afternoon today.  My wonderful husband did his yearly monkey impersonation and climbed into the locust tree to do some pruning.  I worked on some smaller trees and a couple of bushes.  Pruning is done.

I noticed some daffodils, tulips and surprise lilies starting to peek out of the ground.  Some perennials are starting to send up new shoots too.  


  1. What a gorgeous day you both had to be outdoors. So glad you are seeing signs of spring.

  2. Good use of a pretty spring day. I need to follow suit!

  3. Hard to imagine as we went snowmobiling yesterday! Looks like a delightful day to be out enjoying some early spring yardwork. Aren't Hubbies wonderful! What would we do without them (we'd have a lot of unpruned stuff, I tell ya!)
    : )

  4. What a welcome scene! (We're still waiting for our "perfect pruning weather" here.) I can't WAIT to see those peekers :)

  5. I'm waiting to start mine. Maybe end of March. I do already see a lot of loss here.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. GoSS, we have had a few 50 degree days this last week here on the eastern river front of Nebraska but now for the next 10 days the forecast is back in the deep freeze with below freezing during the days and single digits during the night hours. There's not much growing here except under the grow lights. Onions are doing wonderfully well and cabbages are just peeking through the potting mix. Transplanting the cabbages will happen when they look like little green Shamrocks. That could be on or around St. Patrick's Day. Chive seeds will be planted this next week. I guess one could say that gardening is in full swing even though it's not outside yet.

    I found on the Internet a guy in Minnesota that grows gardens in five gallon buckets on top of rain gutters filled with water. It's a self watering system that would work well with my rain water collection system. It should be a great new experiment. I'm still waiting for the results from the EPA about the soil lead testing. I am hopeful that the testing will come back favorable. I found an EPA website that showed all the activity in the area of Terra Nova Gardens. All the properties around me that have been tested were below the 400 part per million and didn't need to have the soil removed. I'm moving forward with planting in the Spring with great expectations of being below the 400 level.

    Have a great perfect pruning weather day.

    1. I want to see that five gallon bucket system.
      Hope your soil test comes back as you hope. Sounds like your indoor gardening is going well. There is so much one can do already. I've never started chives from seeds. A friend shared some with me and they seem to be happy in the garden returning each year so far. Cooler today and cloudy. A day to be back inside. Feels good to have the pruning done though. Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. So glad you posted this about the pruning. It's time to prune here as well and I'm looking forward to cleaning out the herb garden in the front also.
    I did notice that we have Hyacinths in bloom as well as our cherry tree. I love the beautiful shade of pink that the cherry tree has. Spring is right around the corner!

  8. We are so lucky to have such a great day to be outdoors too! Hope your monkey is careful! Enjoy your day!


  9. Hello, Gardener on Sherlock Street.

      Attractive works.
      You are the excellent artist.

      I thank for your usual and hearty support.
      Have a good week.  
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  10. Ahhh, pruning on a sunny winters day with your significant other, it doesn't get much better than that!

  11. I'm looking forward to some days warm enough to start my garden clean up. We don't have trees here, so we don't have the pruning you do.

  12. Carrel did ours and this month the feeding. He forgot and fed the springs bloomers may not have blooms. They bloom on old wood feeding causes new growth so no blooms. We will see.

  13. We need that warm day back again! Geez will this winter ever end? So glad you got your pruning finished!


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