Friday, February 28, 2014

Water Warning

In the midst of a severe and unrelenting drought, our city commission approved a Stage 2 water warning declaration at its meeting Thursday night. The warning means the city will reduce water to just enough to keep the roots of the grass alive on all parks and ball fields that utilize potable water.

Outdoor water use will be prohibited from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and connections to the potable water system for irrigation also will be barred.

The move implements the second-tier fee for heavy water users, increasing the rate from $7.42 to $10.30 per 750 gallons. The fee will effect March water usage.

The city decided to move to water warning early due to the upcoming spring planting season

"Knowing that a lot of people plan their lawns and gardens now, I would hate to see somebody plan a garden or a lawn replacement program and then penalize them later from a monetary standpoint through the conservation tier fee, " the city manager said. "This gives people the opportunity to plan or not to plan knowing they’re going to pay more for that water usage outdoors."

The drought is weighing heavy on the minds of city officials.

"If we never have droughts, our water sources would last us 100 years." the city manager said. "But we do have droughts, and we have to rely on the fact that, at some point, there will be rain again."

The next step in the city’s water conservation plan is a Stage 3 water emergency, which would implement even stricter conservation rules including a complete ban on outdoor watering and closure of municipal swimming pools.

Since I go to bed at 9 pm, get up at 4:30 am, get to work before 6 am and get off work at 2 pm; it looks like I'll be watering Fri night/Sat morning and Sat night/Sun morning with potable water.  I'll use whatever I catch with the rain barrels and bath water at other times.  Time to reduce the planting list for the vegetable garden and the containers.  

We have cold air and snow in our forecast for the weekend.  March is going to come in as a lion for us.  Here's to the moisture at least!


  1. We are facing the same drought situation here, though we are blessed with rain today. The huge and growing population of people has a negative effect too, more and more people and a finite amount of rain.

  2. I'm sorry to read about this. I know it will greatly affect everyone.
    My sis lives in MO and she is expecting a rough winter weekend, too.
    Stay safe and warm.

  3. Hard to believe they are discussing the water shortage now. I'm hoping our water table has been restored this year with the amount of snow we've had.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I'm sorry to hear that the Stage 2 Water Warning had to be issued in your town. Hopefully March will bring more moisture than currently expected. It is good that they imposed the warning early enough for adjustments to be made.

  5. GoSS, So far this year we are staying with our average moisture levels. Farmer's Almanac claims that the northern Midwest will have a cold wet spring just like last year. It makes for a bad time planting in the garden. I suspect I'll be planting potatoes in mud .... again. Our lack of water issues didn't hit here last year until July and August. It looks like that might be the case again this year. May you be blessed with soaking spring rains that eliminate the drought.

    Have a great garden planning day.

  6. Hi, We are home from a wonderful trip to Arkansas with friends. Photos tomorrow!!!!!

    Hope you have had a great week. Sorry to hear about your horrible drought. We went through one a few years ago --and although ours never did get as bad as yours, it was hard on those of us who garden. But--your city is smart in telling people NOW before spring. Good Luck.


  7. I feel so bad for areas experiencing drought. It is so far reaching too in food production losses. I hope things pick up. Most people don't see things until they are lost. Even then you will still have those abusing the water allowances and taking the fine.

  8. I really hope spring ends up being moister for you than predicted to ease your drought. Those restrictions would be hard to live with.

  9. I've learned so much from you when it comes to gardening. I shower rather than bathe, but put an empty bucket in the shower and any water in that bucket after my shower, goes into the garden. The water left in my steamer after supper is also used in the garden or on my house plants after it has cooled. Dishwater can and has also been used. Bill has three water barrels for our rain water and that helps so much.


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