Monday, March 17, 2014

First Seeds In The Ground

On this St. Patrick's Day, I did not plant potatoes.

I planted kohlrabi, radishes, lettuces and peas.

I gave them all a drink of bathtub water.

The spring planting has begun!


  1. Ah, yes, the spring planting has begun!

  2. Yay!!!! Best wishes with it all.

  3. Ah-----gives me hope that SPRING is coming. We have had rain/ice/COLD temps/lots of FOG ---all day today... Not a spring-like day here at all.

    Glad you got some planting done... Glad also that you have some water to give the new plantings....


  4. Now you've made me panic! Nice to see someone making a start , look forward to seeing the end results.

  5. How wonderfully exciting. Pretty soon you'll be seeing sprouts.

    Happy Spring ~ We are having a LOT of wind this morning 5:41, thunderstorm expected.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. Oh, lucky lucky you! I'm so envious! What fun. I'd give purt near anything to get my hands into the soil.
    Hubby "plowed' a path to the garden for me-I can stand outside the gate and dream. Still not seeing the tops of the raised beds yet, but maybe after this week!!!! Then I can get a pane of glass on one to melt some of the snow and get moving on planting......hooray!

  7. GonSS, it is really nice to actually enjoy some spring days that are warm and have that fresh spring smell in the air. Yeah, I'm hoping to get some cabbage starts in the ground today. The soil temp chart says 40 degrees is good. The rejuvenated bed is running 50 at six inches so the temp is well above 40. I may even sprinkle some lettuce seeds as the chart says they are good for 20 degrees. ?? Wouldn't that be frozen? Of course some radishes are a great thing to plant in the spring as they mature quickly. So let's begin the garden season.

    Have a great planting day in the garden.

  8. Wonderful! Isn't spring grand? I'll be putting some seeds in tomorrow.

  9. Good for you!! We are in the process of building some raised beds (like we didn't have ALL winter to do it)! Just need to fill with soil and plant! I got my garlic bed moved last fall. .and the garlic is a little sparser than I had planted it, but it will yield well enough I think! Grant wants to try snap peas. .so they are on the list. .and NEED to be in soon!! Hopefully by the weekend!

    1. Snap peas are great. First year I didn't give mine a tall enough fence. They flopped all over. So, find something for them to climb on. I've been pleasantly surprised that my garlic made it through winter.


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