Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March Tour 2014

Front Garden


Back Garden

Side Garden

Vegetable Garden



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  1. I would love to have a snowless yard. Lucky you! Hubby and I had to sit on the tailgate of the truck the other day to catch some sunshine. The yard is still buried--but it's SLOWLY melting.....a good thing when one has a leaky basement.

  2. Everything looks very tidy. We had rain this a.m. and very strong wind tonight.

  3. I always enjoy these tour and how much your garden changes through the year!

  4. I can just picture it all brimming with life!



  5. Well hopefully this is our last snow and Spring really is finally coming and that we will have a good year.

  6. Hurray, no more snow. I also see bits of green among the brown barrenness.

    Have a lovely spring ~ FlowerLady

  7. You had bright sunshine when you took these photos. I hope Spring will soon be here and that your garden can begin to come to life.

  8. GonSS, wow, your place is really starting to look like Spring. We here in Nebraska are starting to have some really nice weather. This week the temps have been in the 50s and 60s almost every day. What a change just a week makes in the Spring transition time.

    I even got started with rejuvenating my raised beds. I just could wait for the whole bed to thaw out so I scraped off the top four inches or so to get stared. Ten gallons of bed soil, ten gallons of compost, five gallons of peat moss, a coffee can of vermiculite, and a couple handfuls of Epsom salts all thrown in the compost tumbler. Round and round it goes with a bit of water added if needed until the mixing is completed. Repeat until the bed is finished then on to the other three beds.

    Spring is finally here and gardening has begun at last. Have a great day in the garden.

  9. Love to see a yard that is ready for spring and summer. Your will be bursting with color soon.

  10. Hi There, We are home from George's fabulous birthday trip. I will blog about it tomorrow. It was truly a trip we will be talking about for a VERY long time!!!!

    Pretty soon, your yard will be green and things will be growing.... It won't be long now... We actually have a few crocuses in bloom and some hyacinths... YEAH!!!



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