Monday, March 31, 2014

Not My Favorite March

March certainly roared itself out today.  We had awful winds with visible dust in the air.  The world had an odd color as the dust acted like a filter for the sun.  No clouds today, but the sky wasn't blue either.  I did manage to put the pansies I purchased yesterday into a container and I planted two new house plants in the pottery my sister-in-law sent me for Christmas from South Korea.  I'll let them all get settled a bit before their photo shoot.

We've had nice spring afternoons, cold winter mornings, wind, wind and wind lately.  No rain to speak of.  I think it did smell like rain last Friday, but that was it.

I won't bore you with the details, but I've devised a watering plan using our shower water, bathtub water and eventually the rain barrels once we stay above freezing.  Hopefully, the rain barrels will have some rain to catch.  Since we have a lot tighter watering restrictions, I've greatly reduced the number of containers I will have on the patio.  There will be no hanging baskets.  For the limited use of water from the faucets, I will focus on the areas with trees and shrubs.  Not expecting a lush garden this year, just hoping to keep plants alive to flourish another day.

The spring bulbs are starting to bloom.  That always helps perk up a landscape.

Bye-bye March.  Please bring some April showers!

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  1. Hi GOSS, We've had a lot of wind, and are very dry, too. We have a chance of rain in a couple days, and we really need it, too. I've gotten away from planting in containers, too, except for the wash tubs, which don't dry out as quickly. Even in those, I mostly have perennials and herbs.

    I hope we all get some rain soon!

    1. My washtubs and metal buckets are what I'm still using. Only clay pots will be the cacti I set outside in the winter. Here's to some rain!

  2. I did not realize you were on water restrictions. That is an awfully hard thing for gardeners. I bet your watering system is simply ingenious.

  3. Not my favorite March either... It's been an 'up and down' one in every respect... I'm ready for April for sure.

    We had a gorgeous Spring day here today. We got outside and spread some mulch...


  4. Good morning Sherlock,
    Sorry to hear that you have such tight water restrictions. It sounds as though you are taking all of the correct steps to adjust though. Hope you get some rain soon.

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that it seems to be more of the same with no rains. And winds won't help the situation. Well, mulch mulch mulch, and we'll keep hoping for rains for you!

  6. GonSS, I'm gearing up to catch some rain as well. The barrel is in place and connected to the big storage tank. The promise for rain comes tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday with a threat of snow on Friday. I'm not worried about the snow because this time of the year if it does snow by the end of the day it's gone and soaked into the ground. It's nice rich nitrogen for the garden. A good two inches of rain will fill my storage tank with 400 gallons of water. That's about a month's worth of watering. Usually I don't have to supplement but a couple times with city water during the summer months. I have a couple experiments going on this year. One is growing in buckets and the other is growing potatoes in a layers. We will see how it all works out.

    We had some of your Kansas wind here the last couple days as well. Fifty MPH wind gusts with sustained wind at 25 to 30 MPH. My urban area didn't have too much dust but city trash was sure traveling the streets. Plastic bags are notorious for taking flight during windy days.

    Have a great day in the Kansas garden.

    1. I despise those plastic bags too. They always strangle a plant or get caught high in a tree where all they do is make noise but you can't reach them. Don't blow away up there!

  7. I hope April does bring you some wonderful showers for both your garden and your rain barrels.

  8. March was pretty miserable here, too. Hopefully, April will be a milder, wetter month. Annual scarlet flax is a xeric plant that is easy to start from seed. It might do well for you.


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