Sunday, March 9, 2014

Straw Score

This year, my wonderful husband helped me acquire some straw bales for the garden.  Neighbors had the bales as part of their Christmas display.  The bales were still sitting in their front yard in February so WH asked them what they were doing with the bales and the husband responded right away with, "do you want them?"  WH told him, "sure, for the garden."  Six FREE straw bales for the garden.  We just had to move them.  If I get to put any water on the garden, this straw will help keep the moisture.  If I manage to get any produce, some will be going across the street.

March is always up and down at Garden on Sherlock Street.  Snow, warm, rain (maybe), wind, sun, etc.  Anything can happen.  I'm hoping to start cleaning up the perennial beds soon and making some real plans on what will actually get planted considering the watering restrictions we now have.  I have a cool new sculpture piece to add to one of the beds too.  Photos will come when it's ready.  Hopefully, the early seeds will hit the soil as well.  The March tour photos will come soon.


  1. Glad you could get the straw! We need to buy some for an area we need to put grass seed in.

  2. Score!
    And free--what great neighbors. I sure hope you get lots of moisture this year and that the water restrictions will ease. Happy Spring!

  3. It's one of those Catch 22 things -- gardening on the prairie -- you're always busy when it's pretty and never busy when it's bad! Sigh! Sometimes it's hard to garden on the prairie!

  4. That is wonderful that they gave these to you. What a blessing. Good luck with your garden this year! xo

  5. Nice score for you is right. Now the work of getting it all down where you want it. Straw and mulch do make a huge difference in helping retain the water so well worth the effort.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Score! A good find indeed and how lucky for you and the neighbors!

  7. GonSS, nice catch with the straw. I bought some straw from the local feed store a couple years ago. I used it for mulch in the garden and soon had a weedy mess to contend with. Upon farther investigation, I found that the straw was un harvested wheat. The wheat was just cut and baled as straw. When did straw become un harvested small grain? Now I only use grass clippings from my yard because it's the only yard I trust to be without chemicals and fall leaf yard waste from the neighborhood for mulch.

    Have a great mulching day.

    1. I wonder if you got wheat that had been damaged by hail. Sometimes it gets baled when it's impossible to harvest the grain because the stalks were broken bad. Grass works well too if you know what's been used on it. Good re-purposing!

  8. Wow, that's great and it never hurts to ask someone what they are going to do with something. Your hubby did good!

    I look forward to seeing your garden beds and your new piece of sculpture too.

    Happy Spring Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  9. Wahoo! That is a score! Funny the things we gardeners get excited about! ;)

  10. Hey! Lucky you to score six bales! Way to go, and the gardens do dry out so quickly. Straw is the deal.


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