Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tweet Tweet

I found these adorable bird garden decorations while shopping for something else entirely.  You never know when you'll find something perfect for the garden.

They're made of resin.  The body of each bird looks like burlap with peace, hope, love and joy written on the birds.

Plants in hanging baskets need a lot of water especially when it's windy.  Considering our city is in a Water Warning, the hanging baskets in the front garden will be nests for these cute bird decorations this year.

I put some new cedar shavings in each basket and settled in the birds.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tulips and Chocolate

The tulips are just putting on a show this spring.  Had to share these.

The last of my plant order arrived today.  Three chocolate plants.  Berlandiera lyrata Mora County Mix is what the tags say.  I added them to the bed off the patio which I planted a couple of weeks ago.

In other happy news, we got .40" of rain last night which put some water in the rain barrels and gave a lot of new plants a good drink.

Take care and enjoy spring!

Monday, April 21, 2014

New Garden Art

Here's the new garden art I've been preparing a display place for.

It's an armillary sphere.

armillary sphere
Syllabification: ar·mil·lar·y sphere
Pronunciation: /ˌärməˌlerē ˈsfi(ə)r    /
A model of the celestial globe constructed from rings and hoops representing the equator, the tropics, and other celestial circles, and able to revolve on its axis.
mid 17th century: from modern Latin armillaris 'relating to an armilla', an astronomical instrument
consisting of a hoop fixed in the plane of the equator (sometimes crossed by one in the plane of the
meridian), used by the ancient astronomers to show the recurrence of equinoxes and solstices; from Latin armilla 'bracelet'.
from the English Oxford Dictionary

Most importantly, it used to be in the garden of our amazing gardening neighbor.  She passed away in 2009, about the time I started this blog.  Her children finalized the sale of her house last fall.  They told my wonderful husband and I to select some things from her garden that we would be able to use in ours.  I will think of her every time I see this in the middle of our back garden.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Outside Plants

When I got home from work Thursday afternoon, there was a box waiting for me on the porch.  Plants!
I had placed an order with High Country Gardens before our city decided to tighten our watering restrictions.  They are all drought tolerant plants.  And, my plan was to plant them just off the patio where they will get some extra rain from the roof.

The plants looked good in the box.

There were two layers of plants.

I did a double order on one of HCG's preplanned flower beds.  I sorted out the plants.

There was a planting chart included, but my space wasn't a square and will be viewable from all sides.  So, I made my own plan.

There are some dame's rocket and bachelor buttons in the bed currently.  A lot of them stayed, but I had pre-dug some places for the new plants a few weeks back.  I decided which plants would go in which place and started planting.

Since I like to keep the tags with all the info in my folder in the house, I wrote numbers on spoons and put the numbers on the plant list to mark each one.  I've found plastic spoons last a long time in the garden, are easy to find when needed and remove from the garden easily when you're done with them.

After the plants were planted, I gave each a little straw for mulch, poured some bathtub water on them and snapped this photo.

All tucked in.

What did I plant?

Agastache 'Blue Fortune'
Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'
Liatris aspera
Physostegia 'Miss Manners'
Echinacea purpurea
Sedum 'Matrona'
Solidago 'Fireworks'
And, I moved in some white yarrow from another bed in the garden.

In other news, I filled in the center rocks in this bed for the new garden art that is coming.  I'm hoping for some predicted rain this weekend to settle it a little before placing the art on the paver.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Houseplants

I finally put some plants in the pots my sister-in-law sent me for Christmas.  She's currently living in South Korea with her husband who is stationed there at an army base.

The shapes of the pots are very different from anything I've seen before.

Both plants are a type of sedum.  I will keep them inside the house in a sunny location.  They're small right now, but should eventually hang over the sides a bit.

Donkey Tail "Burrito" Sedum Hybrid

Donkey Tail "Burrito" Sedum Hybrid

Kalanchoe longiflora coccinea

Kalanchoe longiflora coccinea

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Red Pansies

April started out quite cold in the morning, but the afternoon was pleasant.  Still chilly, but no wind!

On Monday, I planted pansies in a large galvanized tub around a galvanized bucket.  Other plants will go in here too when it gets warmer.

I decided to go with the red pansies this year.