Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Red Pansies

April started out quite cold in the morning, but the afternoon was pleasant.  Still chilly, but no wind!

On Monday, I planted pansies in a large galvanized tub around a galvanized bucket.  Other plants will go in here too when it gets warmer.

I decided to go with the red pansies this year.


  1. That's going to be sweet!
    Sounds like a lovely day. We started out nice (42) but by afternoon it was windy, 30 degrees and snowing--not very nice weather, even for a pansy!

  2. The pansies are going to look beautiful in this creative planter. I look forward to seeing what you add to them.

  3. Sweet red pansies.

    Happy Spring Gardening ~ FlfowerLady

  4. GonSS, you are very creative in your planting. I have often wondered how pansies got such a negative rap. When expressions are used pansy portrays weak or wimpy. Pansies are any but weak or wimpy. They are one of the toughest plants that I know. They can be the first ones planted in the spring and the last ones to succumb in the fall. They are extreme beautiful and can be eaten in a salad.

    Have a great creative pansy day.

    1. Thanks for the visit. The only thing pansies can't handle is our summer heat. I pick them up as soon as I see some just to have some color and in the fall too!

  5. They sure do stand out against the steel. Very nice!