Sunday, April 27, 2014

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I found these adorable bird garden decorations while shopping for something else entirely.  You never know when you'll find something perfect for the garden.

They're made of resin.  The body of each bird looks like burlap with peace, hope, love and joy written on the birds.

Plants in hanging baskets need a lot of water especially when it's windy.  Considering our city is in a Water Warning, the hanging baskets in the front garden will be nests for these cute bird decorations this year.

I put some new cedar shavings in each basket and settled in the birds.


  1. The Daffodils have outdone themselves this year. Crisp, fresh, yellow color really pops from the street. The tulips are not to be left behind and are coming on strong. Next will be the Peonies and Iris. Then the poor man's living patio will be planted with hanging baskets of Impatiens with Begonias, Silver mist, and Coleus down the sides of the trellis. It all makes for a great display during the Spring and Summer.

    Your bird nest idea is awesome. There's no water restriction here. The Omaha wells for the city water are deep drilled wells that go down into the under ground aquifer that, so I've been told, covers practically all of Nebraska. Only once have I ever heard them mention any thing about water restriction and that was casually after 2 1/2 months of little rain and scorching 100 degree days almost every day. So far April has brought us 2.5 inches of rain with predictions of possible rain the last three days of the month. Hopefully we will get our average of 3.45 inches for the month.

    The rain water collection tank has 11 inches of water in the tank which equates to 185 gallons of water stored. The total storage capacity is 400 gallons with three 55 gallon drums externally attached that is used as additional storage. Two inches of rain will fill the 400 gallon tank. That's just collecting from 1/4 of my roof space. The potential is outrageous.

    Have a great rain soaked day.

  2. Love your new little birdies... How precious!!!! AND --they will have a perfect 'home' for them this year!!!!! Congrats.


  3. Clever idea! That looks very nice.

  4. Good idea on conserving the water and not planting the hangers. That is simply too smart and cute!

  5. The birds you found are really cute, and have a wonderful message as well. I think you've put them in a perfect spot, since the water restrictions would make plants in hanging baskets difficult to keep alive.

  6. What a great idea! Much easier to maintain than thirsty annuals. :o)

  7. What a great idea of the nesting birds! I may just have to "borrow" this idea when it becomes to hot and sticky to water this summer! How cleaver of you girl...

  8. Your rockett flower is pretty' may have to plant me some. We have had lots of rain love the birds cute.

  9. Very cute:) No poo involved....or crushed plants. They are so rough on my flower beds!


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