Saturday, May 31, 2014

1st 2014 Container Parade 2

Since we have more watering restrictions than normal, I cut back on the container plantings this year. 
I like to take photos of the containers through the growing season to show how they change.
This is part of the parade of containers for 2014.

This hog feeder is planted with rose moss and dichondra.  Some morning glories self seeded in it too.  I'm leaving them.  Could be the best combination.

rose moss/dichondra/morning glory


  1. I like to let self seeding go on and watch and see the results.

  2. Another great container--that hog feeder is really neat. It's getting so hard to find rusty "goodies" around here. In the big scrap metal boom a few years back, most of it was sent to the junk yard. I could cry...........

  3. Self-seeders or 'volunteers' can be some of the best in our gardens.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. GonSS, you are doing a great job of preparing for the future water restrictions if rains don't come. The weather seems to continue to be extreme across the nation. Either too much water or too little. We have dodged the severe weather so far the last couple years. We did have a couple small EF1 tornadoes just a few miles west of where I live but they only damaged trees and a few house roof shingles. We'll take it for our year of tornadoes. The month of May ended with rainfall meeting the average with 4.5 inches. Now June has another goal of 4.12 inches of rainfall. So we are right on track unless, like last year, we run into a couple months of no moisture in July and August. Those were tough months with lots of watering in the garden.

    At Terra Nova Gardens I bury a half gallon milk container next to the tomato, bell pepper, eggplants, watermelon, and pumpkins. These have small holes in the jug on the side facing the plant. Watering is accomplished by filling up the jugs a couple times a week during the extremely dry weather. Since there is a natural spring on the property, I don't have to haul water there .... well except in a five gallon bucket to fill the jugs. I am water blessed and very thankful for it.

    Have a great container parade day.

  5. I like this container very much.


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