Friday, May 30, 2014

1st 2014 Container Parade 1

Since we have more watering restrictions than normal, I cut back on the container plantings this year. 
I like to take photos of the containers through the growing season to show how they change.
This is part of the parade of containers for 2014.

This old cream can has plenty of drainage.  I planted part of an asparagus fern I divided in the can.  I also discovered a morning glory had self seeded in the can.  I left it.  If something wants to grow on it's own this year, who am I to dissuade it?

asparagus fern/morning glory


  1. How pretty! Surprise flowers are the best!
    Hope you two enjoy the weekend.

  2. I agree -- and sometimes volunteers are the best plants!

  3. I hope your weather will change --and that you will get LOTS of rain instead of drought..... But--you are smart in cutting back on some plants this year... They all need WATER.... Good Luck!

  4. I'm with you on that - if a flower wishes to grow I won't stand in its way!

  5. Bless your heart! There is something almost spiritual about your statement, "If something wants to grow on its own...who am I to dissuade it?"

    Grow, little Morning Glory! Grow!

  6. I'm having to water already. I wish I could do better about planting things that are drought tolerant. I just heard on the Chicago weather...that we may be surprised by the summer we will get. Since we had such a cold winter many are expecting the weather to be cooler....Not so, says the weatherman...we may have some really hot weather here in the midwest. Once my new plants take hold....they are pretty much on their own now.

  7. Those self seeders are always tough as nails. Love the cream can!

  8. GonSS, I love those tough volunteers as well. Farmer's Almanac did say we would have a colder and wetter Winter for the central plains of the country. I guess they got it half right as we here in Nebraska didn't really get much for snow but had some bitterly cold temperatures all Winter. Now the Farmer's Almanac has predicted a hotter than normal summer. I got my Spring rain water stored up waiting for the long hot summer. I'm hoping to be able to store up a little more before the heat sets in. It's amazing just how much water can be stored up from a normal house roof. Now that I'm bottom watering some of my plants through rain gutters, the amount of water is much less than watering from the top. About 16 gallons or less will keep four tomato plants and seven bell pepper plants well watered for a week. One inch of rain will net me 200 gallons from just 1/4 of my house roof. Only one tenth of an inch will give me enough to water the same plants for a week with four extra gallons left. I would add another section of the roof into the storage system but just don't have the storage capacity for it. Maybe some day I'll be able to add the extra storage. I hope and pray that your water shortage will end soon.

    Water has become more and more an issue as the demand becomes greater. I read an article about the San Joaquin Valley area in California. They have been in a severe water shortage for years. To compensate they have pumped so much water out of the under ground aquifer that the land is sinking. Even if the snow melt comes now the aquifer can't store it up again. Many of the produce growers in the Valley are having to leave fields fallow because of the lack of water. Expect produce prices to keep climbing. Yeah, I know not so much a bearer of good news, huh.

    Have the best day that you can.

  9. I'm always glad to see volunteers pop up unexpectedly. I look forward to seeing more container parade photos in the days ahead.

  10. What a beautiful cream can! Any plant should try to look great in it!!! It's a good idea to watch how container plantings change during the season. Have great June!


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