Friday, May 2, 2014

Freeing The Monarch

I'm glad I brought in the monarch butterfly this week.  We got down to 30 degrees this morning.  But, now it is warm and expected to be warmer overnight too.  It had trouble getting out of the jar so I helped it with the stick perch.

It sat on the ground for a little while and then took off.


  1. How sweet.The little thing doesn't know how lucky it is.

  2. Every creature could use an occasional helping hand. How wonderful of you to look after him (her?)

  3. Lucky little Monarch... You did a nice thing!!!! Every time we think the cold weather is gone for the season, we get some more... It's been very cold the past 2 days... I'm still wearing long sleeves and a sweatshirt.... Goodness!!!

  4. So happy it went well. I was wondering...

  5. I'm glad you saved this Monarch and he was able to fly off. Well done!

  6. GonSS, Monarchs are the most magnificent Midwest butterfly there is in my humble opinion. I have yet to catch one. I have tried ever time a bug collection has to be done for a school project but they are a very difficult butterfly to catch. I'm amazed that you could do it. Maybe because of the cool Spring weather they are a bit more sluggish. You must have milkweed some where in your garden. It was a great gesture to help it survive the cold weather.

    Have a great Monarch rescue day.

  7. What a lucky Monarch to have landed in your garden! I don't think it was random at all. Have a great gardening weekend! :o)

  8. Nice to know it made it through the whole process.
    Cher Sunray Gardens


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