Monday, May 26, 2014

Mulched. Now, Grow!

The edibles are planted and mulched with straw.  The aqua cones are in place.  We'll see if something good to eat will be possible with the watering restrictions.  The onions look awesome.  The pea plants are short, but making pods.  Waiting on the replanting of pumpkins and the basil.  Everything else is sprouted.  The lettuce had trouble sprouting for some reason.  It's a small plot but we're getting a few salads now.  The radishes were as confused by our spring as we were.  We've only had a few so far.  Grow garden grow!!!


  1. Everything looks so tidy. Hope the growing season is good to you.

  2. It has been a strange year!

  3. GonSS, yes, this has been a confusing spring for sure. My gardens are finally starting to produce a tiny bit of salad. The radishes turned out splendid and the lettuce is produces salads every day. The onions planted from seed are growing strong. I have yet to get the cucumbers in the ground. The potatoes are taking off now that the weather has warmed up. The sweet corn is all planted but hasn't sprouted up just yet. The cherry tomatoes are starting to bloom and the beefsteak are starting their climb up the supports. The bell peppers seem to be having a rough start but looked that way last year then came on gang busters once they got started. So Spring has sprung and summer is on the way. Yea!

    Have a great day in the garden.

  4. Considering the drought and the weird Spring, it sounds as if your garden is off to a good start. I'm sure the plants will show their appreciation for the mulch by growing like crazy.

  5. All that hard work looks wonderful. That what I have been doing for two days and have so much more to do. Oh well it will get there. LOL! Everything is growing fast now and I think the warm weather is finally here to stay around now. Have a lovely week.


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