Friday, May 16, 2014

New Garden Art

While I was out plant shopping recently, I also found a new piece of garden art.  Something with some height, color and motion.

It adds a little sparkle to the garden.  The little bells ring too.


  1. I like it! (And hope the plants you showed in the previous post do fine in your yard & garden.)

  2. I'll bet that makes a cute little sound. I love it!

  3. I like it. I enjoy seeing a little garden out around.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I just LOVE this! It's something I could see in my gardens too.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. GonSS, sound in a garden adds an awesome dimension. All of the senses should be activated while in a garden. There is much more to enjoy then just sight and smell. The best sounds of the garden comes from the subtle quiet sounds such as a bee flying by. Yes, bees make sounds as they fly but it must be a very quiet spot in the garden to hear it. Wind through the plants and trees, a distant cry of a bird, the rustle of a squirrel through the tree leaves, the scampering of a rabbit flushed out of plant cover, and the list is endless. The tinkling of bells in your garden will be a great compliment to all the other sounds.

    Have a great new garden art day.

  6. Fun! Those thingamajigs are pretty neat!

  7. I love it!!!! I've been adding pieces here and there. Garden art is the best. So far I've got peaches and apricots on all of my trees! Really excited about some of these developments. Hopefully we'll have a bit more rain as well:)

  8. It's awesome! I've started adding garden art, too, and it adds a sense of whimsy and personality to the garden. It looks great with your tall plants. :)


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