Wednesday, June 4, 2014

1st 2014 Container Parade 6

Since we have more watering restrictions than normal, I cut back on the container plantings this year. 
I like to take photos of the containers through the growing season to show how they change.
This is part of the parade of containers for 2014.

Off to the far left an asparagus fern is trying to get into this photo.
The bottom tub has pansies and purple hyacinth bean vine.  The pansies will fade away as it gets hotter.  The bucket on top has purple fountain grass.  There is also a fleur de lis garden hose guide in the bottom tub as decoration.  There are also a few volunteer morning glories in the bottom tub.

purple fountain grass/asparagus fern/pansy/purple hyacinth bean vine/morning glory


  1. GonSS, for being in a water restriction season you are doing quite well with still having an abundance of plants to beautify your garden. While your area begs for water, Iowa is having flash floods. One has to wonder what exactly made mother nature mad? We have a 60% change of rain again today. The last storm we had was pretty ugly. Reports of larger than baseball sized hail and nearly 90 MPH wind gusts caused much damage. One of the largest car dealers in the country had 4500 cars and trucks heavily damaged by the hail. The five inches of rain that fell afterward caused flash flooding. This year is definitely a year to be careful what you wish for. Now my neighbor just called and asked if I'd been down to Terra Nova Gardens. He says the last storm may have washed out the garden as that was an area of flash flooding. (big sigh) I guess I'll mosey down there some time today and see how things look. A little less rain here would be good for us. Always complaining aren't we.

    Have a great container planting day.

    1. Hope the garden is savable. We were away from home and had a storm blow though. Broke a nice branch off a tree that we need to check on what to do for it. Got some good rain. Faired better than some of the town.

  2. I like the 'fountain' look of this container.

  3. What a shame that it's still so early in the season and already you're on water restrictions. Your containers do look like they're doing quite nicely. We just got a dehumidifier to help the air conditioning run less. We've been taking all the water it has taken from the air and are using it on our container plants for the time being.


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