Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rain and Riding

Hello from a soaked Garden on Sherlock Street.
Since Thursday morning, we've received over two inches of rain.  
Unfortunately, we also had a lot of wind.  We lost a significant branch on the hackberry tree in our front garden.  I will be checking with the horticultural agent about how to handle where it kind of peeled some bark down the trunk of the tree.  Considering the damage some people had in town, we feel lucky.  I do have a lot of plants twisted together and some laying down, and leaves everywhere.  I will tidy the garden up and get some June tour photos taken soon.  Amazingly, none of the mulch I put down blew away.  I guess the rain got to it first and held it in place.  My wonderful husband and I were actually out of town when all the mayhem happened.  We have a great neighbor who checks on things for us when we leave for a bit and I called her Thursday morning to see if all was well.

We were on a little vacation riding our bikes down trails made on former rail road beds.  We had good weather for the biking, had much needed rain for the garden at home and are back catching up on life.

Hope all is well with you.  Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. That railway ride looks really lovely, I bet you two enjoyed it. Sorry to hear there is/was sooo much rain and wind, as it's such a shame to have your gardening work undone. The tree should be able to heal itself, as long as the snag isn't way too big, and the tree doesn't dry out too much. Have a good day you guys. :)

  2. I so enjoy a good trail--hope you had a really nice time.
    And congrats on the rain--though it could have kept the wind!

  3. GonSS, yup, we had that storm in Nebraska too. Ours had winds gusts clocked over 100 MPH with hail the size of baseballs. Terra Nova Gardens was a total loss. I suspect it was a good thing that I didn't have everything planted but still the season is well past the planting time for most things. I did have tomato plants left from seed starts and a few tiny little bell pepper plants but I used most of the seed starts when the very late frost killed everything. I'm glad you received some rain but not so glad that there was damage to your trees. Another good thing is that even though Terra Nova Gardens will not be a big producer this year, my backyard raised beds were spared from the hail and are doing well. I'm seeing the advantage of having gardens several miles apart. I'm hoping that you will continue to get rain without the extreme weather. We're still trying to dry out from the six inches of rain received from the two storms during the first week of June. It's been a challenging year for gardeners that's for sure.

    Have a great day in the garden.

    1. You sure have had your share of set backs this spring. Sorry Terra Nova was hit so hard. That is a good thing about gardening in two places. Just like my dad and his wheat fields in different parts of the county. Here's to some kinder weather for all of us!

  4. Yeah for the rain! Boo for the damage. I hope your hackberry recovers. I bet it it will as those are some pretty tough trees.

  5. Happy that the damage was not worse. Glad you two had a nice day to ride!

  6. Guess there are no restrictions on RAIN, huh?!? Too bad there was damage with us - thankful that yours was no worse than it was...

  7. I'm glad you got some rain and that the damage wasn't worse than it was. It looks as if you had a great trail for your bike riding vacation.

  8. So glad that you got some rain, too. Greg and I are loving the cooler temperatures and the moist soil - such a nice change!

  9. Hope your tree ends up being ok. I'm pretty sure I've lost one of my Japanese Maple from this past Winter. Leafed out a tinybit but after snowing then directly to the 90's it burned up and all I can do is watch like you are.
    Cher Sunray Gardens


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