Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Sign Is Out

My wonderful husband made a little frame for my National Wildlife Federation sign.  It will be easy to move around the garden.


  1. I have one of those as well -- it's great being able to say that your garden is a Wildlife Habitat . . . Lucky you to be able to put your sign out! I have no handy husband!


  2. GonSS, ha, wildlife habitat, huh. I have a virgin wildlife habitat right next to my garden. It's the neighboring property which is littered with trees, tall weeds, and ground spring activity. It's why I'm building tall fences to try to keep critters out. Wild turkeys which are a part of the aerial assault team actually seem to be beneficial to the garden. They scratch around in the mulch and eat the bugs and seeds. Other than picking at the young corn plants they leave the garden produce alone.

    I just returned from another short trip. This one was to meet my grandson's dad half way between his house and my house so Bradley can spend some time there this summer. We will do it again the first part of August to bring Bradley back home. That leaves me about six weeks to work on garden and house structure. So day one begins with a huge ToDo list.

    Have a great wildlife habitat day.

  3. LOVE it!! I have one hanging on an old dead tree stump in the corner of my flower bed. .Good for you!

  4. Congrats! It's something to be proud of. Our wildlife needs all the space they can get.
    Hope all is well and you're enjoying the summer so far.

  5. That is neat that you qualified to be a habitat garden. My yard gets pretty wild sometimes but the weeds probably are as good as bird friendly plants.


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