Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2nd 2014 Container Parade 1

Since the last Container Parade, we've received over nine inches of rain!!!
To say people here are happy is an understatement.  Everything is green and growing.  Now, this does not mean we are out of the drought.  It took several years to get to this point.  One rainy month is not going to fix everything.  While the surface has more water, our wells are still stressed.  So, watering restrictions continue.
My rain barrels have over flowed several times and I'm barely having to carry bath water to anything more than the vegetables and containers.  Speaking of containers, it's time to see how they're doing.  Let's begin the Container Parade!

In June:
asparagus fern/morning glory

In July:


  1. I get such a kick out of your container collection. Though your plants are lovely, it's the containers that I'm eyeing!!
    Hope you have a Happy 4th

  2. So happy with you for the rain! I, too, like those containers! (and the plants, too)

  3. I do love the container and the plants are doing great. Yeah for the rain! Hope you guys have a nice holiday weekend.

  4. 9 inches!! You hit the jackpot! I hope the summer stays so wonderful and lush for you. It is a good thing for us gardeners.

  5. I'm so glad you're getting rain. Awesome! We are too, but as you say, it doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet.~~Dee

  6. GonSS, I'm glad you are finally getting some rain for your area. It seems we are done with rain for a time but now the temps are in the 50s at night which doesn't really help with tomato ripening. The cabbages love it and the onions seem to be doing well but the green peppers are struggling right along with the tomatoes. I'm hoping you continue to get your needed rain.

    Have a great green day.

  7. I'm glad to hear about the rain you got. These containers definitely enjoyed their showers.


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