Sunday, July 6, 2014

2nd 2014 Container Parade 4

In June:
ice plant/bacopa/wandering Jew

In July:

The ice plant was being picked on by the birds.  I moved it to a cold frame with a screen over it until it recovers.  A geranium is now on top of the bucket.


  1. I love the great array of containers you have. I can never keep containers watered sufficiently, so I've almost completely quit using them. When I see your photos, I think that maybe I ought to try a few again.

  2. I think the galvanised containers you have are really nice, and you always seem to plant them differently.

  3. Those metal containers look like they work well.I did a stacked container planting of hens and chicks. Just took three different pots and planted them.

  4. GonSS, container gardening can be a challenge for sure. One thing nice about containers is they can be moved around to circumvent challenges of the garden. Practically all my containers get watered automatically every day. Without automation container growing would require much more attention. The tomatoes and green peppers get water as they need it by wicking water up through the bottom of the five gallon buckets that are planted with them. It would be working great except for the whiff of weed spray they received from the neighbor's yard service.

    The rain continues here with 1.38 inches Saturday and more on the way today. There seems to be no end to this weather pattern we are in. All of my planting in the ground soil has been in mud this year. Of course weeds are very abundant this year. Grass mowing and weed control take up most of the time.

    Today I meet with the city health department. They want to talk with me about my gardening on vacant lots. Keeping vacant lots under control and clear of weeds falls under the jurisdiction of the heath department. That should be quite interesting.

    Have a great container rescue day.

    1. People are not careful enough with weed spray. Hate hearing that happened. You have a great watering system although you don't need it much this year. So much rain for you. Does the city want you to garden on more lots? Will be interested to hear about your meeting.

  5. You sure have a knack of choosing containers and knowing exactly what to put in them. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Naughty birds! I think it's the moisture that collects in the ice plants. I have tried time and time again to put them under my trees along the borders, but the birds keep eating them! They are too rough on some of my plants. I've taken some of my feeders down to let my garden recover a bit until winter.


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