Monday, July 7, 2014

2nd 2014 Container Parade 5

In June:
geranium/asparagus fern/rose moss/Jacob's coat/amaryllis/cacti

In July:

On of the geraniums died so I put aloe vera plants on top of the buckets.
The Jacob's coat died.  I don't know why.  I moved the small wandering Jew container to the top of the front water jug.  I found yet another self seeded morning glory in one of the trash cans.


  1. I think with some of the temps you get out there, aloe might really work well.
    Looking good!

  2. Have you put Aloe plants outside before? I'm kind of afraid to put my big one out because of critters nibbling away at it.

    1. Balisha, Hello. Yes, I put my aloe plants out every year. I haven't had any trouble with them be nibbled on. They love the heat outside.

  3. GonSS, the garden is full of surprises, isn't it. I've found that those volunteer plants are the heartiest plants to use in the garden. Tomatoes from the compost pile are the toughest ever .... well, if you don't mind taking a chance on getting a throw back from the hybrid tough side of the plants. This year I've planted big beef but after replanting twice the neighbor's yard service weed spray for the lawn drifted over and made my plants a little sickly. I'm really not sure if they are going to snap out of it. I've never seen so little foliage on a tomato plant before. They have green tomatoes but have stopped blooming so the crop may be a little sparse this year.

    Have a great garden nurturing day.


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