Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2nd 2014 Container Parade 6

In June:
purple fountain grass/asparagus fern/pansy/purple hyacinth bean vine/morning glory

In July:

This container has changed the most.  I moved the purple fountain grass out to a spot in the garden as it was getting too large for the other plants.  The pansies have give up in the heat, but the purple hyacinth bean vine plants are doing well and needed some support.  I put a square tomato cage in the container for the vines.  The little amaryllis I keep hoping will bloom is on the far side of the tub in a clay container.


  1. Replies
    1. I'll probably get some more pansies in the fall, but they hate our heat and they can't make it through our winter either. So, they are a spring and fall plant for us which is fine. Always nice to get some new plants.

  2. Our pansies have also given up the ghost in our heat, but we'll get more pansies in the fall.

  3. Look at that fountain grass! I can't believe how much it grew.
    I always lose pansies in the heat. They are selling them in the fall here now.


  4. GonSS, one of your favorite garden phrases says that the best fertilizer for the garden is the gardener's shadow. You certainly live up to that phrase. Container gardening is one of your best talents. I'm always amazed at how you repurpose things that most would consider junk.

    Have a great purple fountain grass/asparagus fern/pansy/purple hyacinth bean vine/morning glory day.

  5. I just love your tub planters. What a pretty plant combination. Have a lovely week!

  6. Fountain grass is great. You've got a lot of sun so it should do very well and not require too much watering if you are getting some regular rain. Like your planter idea.


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