Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Limestone And White Gourds

Tuesday afternoon was another beautiful autumn day.  I got a lot more clean up done in the garden.

I hope those mounds of dirt don't look too suspicious.  I'm just burying plant material, really.

Look, a pile of limestone!

The vines in the wild area produced these gourds/squash.
All are white except two.  They are yellow.

I don't know if my patty pan squash crossed with something last year or what caused these.  Only my patty pan squash has been white, but these are shaped wrong.

We won't eat them,  They'll be cute decorations for autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving.


  1. You've been quite busy and your hard work is paying off.

    Nice gourds.

    Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

  2. What cute "whatevers"! Great decorations but I would be tempted to try to eat one!

  3. Whatever caused it, I like them! (I'm currently in a white pumpkin/white squash phase.....)


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