Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Something Is Trying To Replace The Lawn For Me

I continued with some garden clean up today.

After weeding our front lawn well, I mowed it for the last time this year.  The yellow blooming plant in the photo below has been growing in our lawn all year.  It is spreading fairly well.  I've mowed it through the summer and it just plugs along and blooms when it gets the chance.

I believe the plant is a toadflax or often known as wild snapdragon.
I have some growing in my side garden too.

I plan on leaving it in the lawn.  Eventually, the lawn will be replaced with more interesting plantings.  Perhaps the toadflax will help lead me to making a plan.

I did some more watering and planted some crocus and some allium bulbs near our front sidewalk.

I tried my best not to disturb our front garden spider.  He/she has been hanging out between some euonymous bushes for over a month.  Some days it has a grasshopper in the web.  It is as big as you think it is.  I got as close as I dared with my camera to try and get a life sized photo.

It was a warm day again today.  Hoping to get more garden clean up done tomorrow.


  1. GonSS, Just got in from garden cleanup myself. Three bundles of brush and trees from the fence line and three yard bags of grass and plants. My gardens got so out of control this year, it was difficult to even get in the mood to start cleanup. What a mess. I got two raised beds in the back yard cleaned up and the fence line behind them cleaned out from scrub brush. Mulberry trees love to grow along the fence line. It's a never ending job to keep them cleaned up. Birds after gorging themselves on mulberries love to relieve themselves while sitting on the chain link fence rail. Seeds plus fertilizer with a little summer rain is perfect for natural mulberry seed starting. There's two more raised beds to cleanup and a watering system to drain and put away for the Winter. The new automatic watering system worked great this year. The big tank never got below 2/3 full and most of the summer it stayed full. With double the rainfall, it never used much before it filled up again. Hopefully, I can work on the cleanup again tomorrow.

    Have a great fall garden day.

    1. My back garden has a wild spot that I'm not even sure where to begin with the clean up. I too have the rain barrels to empty and flip before winter. So glad we've gotten the rains. Never had them this full at fall clean up before. It will all go on a bed somewhere! Time to rest up for more cleaning tomorrow.

  2. I love the yellow flowers and we always called them wild snapdragons also. I
    always love stopping in here to see what's going on in your gardens.


  3. I'm very jealous of how organised you are with your own garden tidy up. The wild snapdragons are such beautiful flowers close up aren't they? We get them growing in our hedgerows over here.

  4. I enjoy those yellow flowers as well. I've never known what they were. Sometimes you see large areas of them.

  5. Now in Poland, I have a sunny and warm autumn. I spend a lot of time in the garden observing plants. I also find the plants that shed themselves. Your plants are very nice. Regards.


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