Monday, October 6, 2014

Starting The Fall Clean Up

We've had a few frost advisories for our area, but so far frost has not settled in at Garden on Sherlock Street.  While I wait to clear out certain plants after the frost finds them, there's too much to do to wait much longer with the fall clean up.  I like to check over the garden to pull weeds, cut back a few plants and store some decorations and pots in the garage.  I also need to plant some bulbs and water everything well.  Since the tiny area where we have lawn hardly gets any leaves on it, raking is not on the fall cleanup chore list.  I actually hope for leaves on the flower beds.  Our neighbors across the alley have a large cottonwood tree which adds to the leaf mulch for us in the back garden.  Our locust tree has such small leaves that all I we have to do is sweep them off the patio and check the garage gutters a couple of times.  

Today, I cleaned the shelves in the garage to store items this winter.
Things usually land everywhere in there.  I had to get a photo to show that it can be neat. 

 We also have some attic storage above our garage where I stash a lot of plastic containers.

I checked over the shrub area in the front garden.  I have to leave the little decorative fence by the sidewalk to keep people from walking on my irises.  

I have a galvanized trellis between the lilac and the euonymus because I discovered the mail delivery person was cutting through there.  Really?  No wonder I couldn't get anything to grow in that space!  Plans for a decorative fence for our front garden are still on the future project list.  Ready now for the burning bushes to turn red.

The soaker hoses are running for this area as I type this post.
We have officially been removed from any drought status. Yea!!!
Our city's water wells are still low.  So we remain in a water watch.

Tomorrow promises to be another warm day.  We'll see what else I can get done.

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  1. You're ahead of me! We had a real cold snap Friday.

  2. Your shed looks so tidy. I need to get mine back in's a disaster yet from a very long summer of being "ignored"---just used as a dumping ground for tools, etc.

    I'm happy you've been "upgraded" on water use. Hopefully you'll have a very moist winter and can get rid of ALL restrictions.
    Have a wonderful day and enjoy those final weeks of good weather. We've already begun the big cool-down and it's been raining for days.

  3. It looks like you're ready for winter.

    When we moved into our home here in 1973, neighbors were all using our property as if it were their own. We had a little terrier and one of the first things we did was put wire fencing up around the surveyed perimeter. The neighbors weren't happy at all, but at least we didn't put up privacy fencing right away, that happened much later.

    Who knows, you might find a good deal on decorative fencing and be able to put it up sooner rather than later.

    Hurray you are out of critical drought conditions. It's been a relief being out of those conditions down here too.

    Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

  4. GonSS, the growing season is winding down here in Nebraska as well. We have been flirting with frost for about a week now and October 15th is our normal first frost date for my area. All garden harvesting is pretty much done here in Nebraska. I have a few potatoes to harvest and that will finish up the harvesting for this year. The planning for next year will start in a couple months and the seed starting will start in February. In the mean time enjoyment of the holidays is on the schedule.

    Have a great end of season day.

  5. I have been moving things in too!! Still need to pot up the succulents that won't overwinter and make some cuttings. The grasshoppers desimated my burning bushes. .so no fall color for me there!! We are wishing for rain again!! Will be near 90 today. .hopefully for the last time this year!! Have a great week!

  6. Hello from Poland: ,, Your shed looks so tidy "- I thought so too.
    I have a mess in the corner of gardening. Shame! I have to correct it necessarily.
    I wish you a nice day.


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