Monday, October 20, 2014

Still Clearing The Garden

Beautiful warm fall weather is making it nice to do the garden clean up.  One raised bed is complete. 

 I should have dug my holes deeper though.  It's going to be close to have a place to bury everything.
I smoothed out the mounds.  It looks less like a graveyard now.  


  1. I like it very much. NIce Tuesday. Greets.

  2. Girl you have been busy putting your gardens to sleep for the winter. Our gardens do NOT go to sleep. They slump and drag through summer then become energized during fall, winter, spring. It's so much nicer to work in gardens then.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. GonSS, this is the best fall weather, isn't it. I too have been spending time outside cleaning up the yard and garden. I'm down to the final mowing of the grass for the season. Of course I may have to do a couple mower leaf pickups before putting Honda mower to rest for the season. It's been quite the ordeal to cleanup the yard this year. All the rain caused weeds to grow in every crack, crevasse, and cranny. Those rascal feral trees in the fence line grew twice as fast this year. I still have to clean the gutters and cleanup the poor man's living patio. The things to do just never seem to end this year.

    I'm planning on being at the Mother Earth News Fair this weekend. Any chance you will be there?

    Have a great fall garden day.


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