Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Rain Chased Me Inside

I did some more garden clean up Wednesday afternoon.  Nothing too exciting to take photos of though.  Mostly, I cleaned a lot of trash out of our "forest" and cut back some plants in our side garden.

Today, I did as much as possible when I got home from work until the rain chased me in.  We are getting the nicest autumn rain right now.  Makes you want to curl up inside with a book while cookies bake.  But, 'our baker' didn't start any while I was working in the garden.  Ha!

My main goal was to plant some tulip bulbs in this bed.
It still has cosmos blooming.

I cleared out the plants that were around the armillary sphere which included cutting some morning glories off of the sphere.  That gave me enough room to plant the tulips without losing all the flowers.

I cleaned up few other places, planted some crocus bulbs along the patio and put some garden decorations away into the garage while the clouds darkened and it started to lightly rain.  Eventually, it started raining very steady so I retreated to the patio.

The rain is going into our rain barrels still.
I need to empty them soon and flip them over for winter.

But, today, I hooked garden hoses up to two of the barrels.  Rain will go in the first barrel, overflow to the second barrel and if it is fast enough overflow to the third barrel.  I'm going to leave the hoses attached until they drain the second and third barrels.  I'll probably hand carry the rain out of the first barrel later to areas that need more water.

I put the hoses into garden beds (that they would reach) so extra rain water will help those plants.

Amazing that we're getting all this rain and haven't frosted yet.  Once I get the flower beds ready for winter, I have to decide if I end the vegetable garden plants or wait for Mother Nature.  


  1. Busy days ahead for we gardeners. Hopefully the weather holds out and doesn't get too cold.
    Your watering system is so interesting. Glad that you got more rain this year and didn't have drought conditions to deal with.
    Fall cleanup is a lot of matter how we do it. Take care, Balisha

  2. It's maddening when those barrels keep filling--at a time when they need to be emptied. Oh, to have that happen in the summer-when it's needed the most. I'm glad, though, that you are getting that much needed moisture. I'm sure the soils can still use that and a whole lot more to rebuild moisture levels far below.
    I laughed about the cookies. I wish I had someone else that does the baking.........though I guess your baker missed the boat on this rainy day-HA!

  3. Great watering set up. Glad you are getting so much rain.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. What a great rain barrel set-up you have! We haven't needed any extra watering here as we've had so much rain lately it's kept the farmers out of the field for harvest. I keep waiting for the ground to dry out so I can plant some tulips and other spring bulbs, too.

  5. The rain has really been a double edged sword-nice to have but puts a cramp on gardening. Love the edge around the cosmos bed and good idea on the hoses.


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